Saturday, September 20, 2008

Of Mount and Blade

I've managed to get myself hooked to yet another game.

Mount and Blade, a little known singleplayer RPG developed by Turkish developer Taleworlds has me on the edge of my seat.

This thing is entirely medieval, somewhat realistic and you don't see guys in glorified bathrobes tossing fireballs.

You don't even get health potions.

Nope, M&B is all about the moment, this is the first game I've played which has an excellent combat system. If you're into third person action of shooters and RPG, you'll be into this thing.

As the name suggests, you'll be relying on your horse for travel and combat.

Great combat system
Takes mounted combat to new extremes

Graphics feel 2004ish
Music can feel 1965ish

The Gameplay itself is immersing, you'll be too busy madly hacking away tiny, lesser, shorter enemies to care about the graphics. Picture this: Your horse just got killed, 3 heavily armoured raiders are closing in one at a time and your shield is broken. Are you gonna worry about the slightly weak backgrounds or that big guy with the sharp bit of metal coming at your face ?

Battle Tactics.
Just like chess, easy to learn, hard to master. If you're not gonna use a shield, you'll have to learn how to parry. When I say parry, I mean run away because if they manage to get close enough for you to need parrying, you're in it deep. Nudging your mouse to the left will make your next strike one that swings from the left.

Not bad by MMORPG standards. This isn't an MMORPG. They ain't good but give the developers a break, if I game and developer I've never even heard of can waste 7 hours of life without a break, then these guys deserve it.

One particular piece seems so familiar yet so old. I heard it in an old Tom and Jerry cartoon. Sounds seem so familiar, nothing new here besides screaming.

Short review, eh ?

I just wanted to get started on writing sort of a basic guide of this.

Regards, Boombaye1

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