Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eish, Eishkom.

In South Africa, the place of my current residence has only 1 electricity provider: Eskom. They are currently one of the most hated companies in SA (South Africa). As an electricity provider, it is their responsibility to provide power to the WHOLE COUNTRY. We are now experiencing constant power cuts here due to lack of electricity.

This morning, they finally announced to the whole nation that they had anticipated this shortage about a decade ago but simply lay in the hope that private companies would supply them with enough power to last for some time.

In my home country, China, they have begun construction on I believe it is 20-40 power stations within the next 15 years. Australia is on its way to the largest solar power farm in existence. Eskom has also admitted that South Africa does have some of the highest natural radiation levels on earth but we are not utilizing it to it's full potential.

Finally. About my lack of updates in the past couple days. I was on a camp for those 2 days.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another update...whoop-dee-doo...

Lolz by the sarcastic title you may have thought I was in a bad mood...no. It is 9:36 PM here and I'm happily typing this out over a game of Pest Control. I am beginning to take up a liking to PC now. Especially how good the exp it. When you use the Ultimate Strength and Incredible reflexes prayers with Proselyte and 60 Prayer, it goes by fast. I just get off the lander ASAP, switch on both prayers once I'm at the gates, let loose with all 4 DDS specs and whip out my whip and watch them die.

However, I can't wait till Summoning can be used for Tears of Guthead and Pest Control exp. I'm using Pest Control to get range exp now since I won't get a cannon anytime soon. I did get a number of lvls over the last week and it hasn't been bad.

I want that Combat lvl ! I've been at 100 for too long. I need 101 ! I have promised oxox0xoxo a Stats pic and it's here.

On a final note, Zezima has lost his position as top guy in Hiscores...he must be crying right now...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Desert Treasure

Ever since the day I see someone raise his hands and watch a huge amount of white stuff fall from the sky and dish out incredible amounts of damage. I dreamed of having these spells...Ancient Magicks as they were known, are notorious for their ability to devastate large groups of enemies with a single blow. Blood spells drained the very life of foes and returned it to the user. Ice spells rendered anybody with a melee weapon useless. Storming any structure held by someone with Ancient Magicks at their side was borderline suicidal. Today, I have embarked on the quest needed to obtain these abominations.

Poeticness and fluffy story junk aside, I've always been a warrior. Range training was too tedious and mage was simply boring. Like my inspiration to get a whip, it came when I was at Pest Control. Someone hit a 20 with a whip and since then,I have loved it. In this case, someone used an Ice spell which froze any Torchers in it's path.

Desert Treasure is one of the longest and deadliest quests to ever grace Runsecape. I am now beginning this quest and fulfilling my dreams of pwning anybody that gets in my way. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Summoning just struck, I'm ready, willing and totally gonna pwn some N00Bz ! i was there when a new skill came out ! That is huge ! I'm gonna start now, don't expect any blog updates today.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanks and Denarii.

Denarii. The standard Ancient Roman currency A.K.A money Thats not the important thing right now. I need to thank Marlaine for giving me the idea to use Battlestaves as a method of moneymaking. Though I messed up big time when I first tried it, I can see it is a potential way of very fast money, magic exp and crafting exp. when I first tried, Zaff ran outta staves. I had to navigate the entire Taverly dungeon to get to the Obelisk. Then I realized my crafting lvl wasn't high enough to make them...I ended up using a stew of doom to get it done. Tomorrow, I'll try again, this time, I'll craft my own Cosmic runes, get more staves (somehow). Ever since JaGex made that shop update, Arhein doesn't sell seaweed anymore, neither do the Charter Ship crew members. I'm now stuck buying them from the exchange. I finished hand in the sand today, I'm gonna get another ton of sand Tomorrow and try again...here is Marlaine's blog...on a final note, I'd totally kiss her if I didn't know she'd slap me to Proxima Centauri. Once again, thanks.

Regards, Boombaye1

Sunday, January 13, 2008

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this post is worth at least 8000...

Ooooookay, I've been doing a lot to raise my skills to prepare for Summoning. I am currently in the middle of Operation: Train all the skills that I totally neglected for a significant amount of time, a a catchy acronym for this is: TATSTINFSAT. This is gonna be a very picture heavy post. You have been warned...
Pic No. 1: That is one nasty li'l bug. (Pun intended)
Pic No. 2: Look in the chat box, it wasn't rehearsed. Weirder than that, we were both on the same quest, at the same part of it.
Pic No. 3: That lvl 2 Clue reward stank.
Pic No. 4: I got a Half key from desert lizards without Wealth on the 7th kill.
Pic No. 5: 75 Def. 'Nuff said
Pic No. 6: 53 Thieving. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Moneymaking and luck.


As promised, I was hunting Steel Dragons for that Visage. Nothing serious. Just a li'l fun (Maybe a lotta money) As I beat the last one into the dust and was about to tele, I see something RED on the ground. I knew this was destiny ! Sure enough, a Dragon Plateskirt was staring me in the face !

I also realized if I wanna make money outta nothing, I can cut Magic logs, if I wanna increase my current amount of cash, I smith and sell Cannonballs. That Dragon Plateskirt, it helped get me 300k which I then put into steel bars and smithing. As of now, I should have a cannon very soon. Huzzah ! I have also realized that Smithing my own Cannonballs is a lot cheaper.

In other news: I have had a number of Combat Stat increases and I am currently training my Defence to prepare for the day I get my Dragonfire shield. I also found this on the day the Dealing with Scabaras quest. It's kinda funny.

Please don't make any comments bout the fact that I'm a girl. I wanted to creep my friends out and I was too lazy to change back.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I am now a little bit more focused on obtaining an Amulet of Fury. I am not forcing myself into anything but i am going to cut 100-200 Magic Logs each day. That way, I don't die of boredom and I get something done but it will take long. The stress from preparing for my first day of High school (9th January) may have contributed to me stopping on my Dragonfire shield goal. I am now hunting steel dragons with my newfound 60 prayer and 73 Defence. It's not a bad start for the day before I first hit High School. It's weird. If i don't force myself to do something, I'll never get my goal. If I do, I end up in an insane asylum.


Why am I so happy that I just failed in a goal ? I had some extra cash left after the Dragonfire shield incident so I bought 331 Dragon bones. Trained my prayer to 60 and slaughtered everyone at Castle Wars (Yes, the Chivalry prayer was on during this rather dark period) in a massive killing spree to vent my frustration. Poor level 107. He got in the way as I as a 'tripped' on my whip and the DDS Special Attack was 'accidentally' switched on and 'fell' on him...again and again and again and again. I'm also thinking about buying a cannon, smithing cannonballs and then training my range up to 70.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm sorry.

This goal has proven too much. I realized that forcing myself into a massive goal on a moments notice isn't right. Thus, my Dragonfire Shield goal shall once again be postponed...for a very long time. Make no mistake, I will continue to hunt metal dragons in search of the occasional Dragon drop or even a Visage. It seems that if I'm not after something, I seem to get it. If I am, it never seems to come. I have settled for a smaller goal: Amulet of Fury. This one, I'm gonna take a little less seriously. I suppose in this case, just like in the prayer incident, I didn't truly need the shield. I began with high hopes and ended with crushed dreams. I apologize to anyone who I have let down in this.

Regards, Boombaye1

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The cause of suicide (kidding).

This goal is not only pushing my patience to the limits, it is also pushing my sanity to the limits. I do, however, have 81 woodcutting. That pushes woodcutting up to my highest skill. My second highest skills are 80 Attack and 80 Strength.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dedication and Patience...

I'm gonna set aside my goal for 60 Prayer for later. Much later. Something else has arisen and I'm gonna tend to it. I said in a previous post that I wasn't patient but highly dedicated when I really wanted something. Heres where it kicks in. The first day I saw the Dragonfire shield was the day I fell in love with it. But since I could never afford it or get a Visage drop, I let that one lie in the dark. Now, I'm really bored and I have no other excuse for starting on this. The reason I postponed the prayer goal was because that goal took far more effort than woodcutting. I also didn't really need the Chivalry prayer, it's more of a show off thing. But since now I am out of a shield, I can't train effectively anymore. I have calculated it approximately takes 1 day of constant cutting to get 1k Mage logs, I'm gonna use weekends to rest or maybe continue cutting. If I am successful, I will have 92 woodcutting and a Dragonfire shield. Wish me luck in this one, it's big...No, it's EPIC...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1.5k and counting...

I'm hunting Baby Blue Dragons now for prayer since the Green Dragons are waaaaaaay too dangerous considering the revenants. 1511 Baby Dragon Bones to go...60 prayer is becoming more and more bleak. Finally, the stat picture I promised you.

Now, for a lil brain teaser. NOTE: This is a true story. No exaggerations what so ever.
Earlier today, I was ONE-HIT KILLED by a lvl 42 with a BRONZE PICKAXE. I lost ALL SEVENTY SEVEN HP. How did this happen ?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone, it's 2008 and I'm...bored. Funny thing, I'm not as obsessed with the internet as I used to be. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this year cuz it's 1 digit bigger than 2007.

Regards, Boombaye1