Friday, January 30, 2009

Of Planetary Collisions

I'm hanging out at the Black Dragons with my mind resting on the thought of hunting down Iron and Steel dragons for the Visage. I've got the Saradomin Sword, let's kick it up a notch.

My 99 Attack goal stagnated when I decided to bring down those dragons once more but rest assured, it will come along after 85 Strength shows up.

The fact is, I stopped Visage Hunting at the Iron Dragons due to poor luck, I'm heading back there soon with better stats and more patience this time around. It appears that with a deeper understanding of game mechanics, I can get anything here done. I know much but understand very little. As such, I'm going to put more into this. I have a fine stockpile of cash with which to pull this off. The only problem is choosing a weapon. No whip. Dragon Battleaxe or Dragon Mace.

In other news, I'm unfortunately being transferred to another school. Big shot private school. Do not want.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: 90 Attack, Lunar Diplomacy, 49 Herblore, 49 Farming after Tears if Guthix.

Regards, Boombaye1

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Of Helios

I just read through my first posts and noticed my first hiscores picture. Here's another one that's more current.

I've looked at the changes over the past year, and I'm suitably impressed. No less than 300 levels in the year, even with a 8 month long hiatus of minimum playtime. Many skill have had their levels doubled over time. You can see Woodcutting taking it's place as a source of income.

Disappointingly, Strength has only ever seen 3 levels in a year. Elegant proof of how much I hate that skill. The most progress stands in non-combat skills. I don't know where or when Runecrafting ever leveled up. Smithing, the skill that started as my favourite which has lost that mantle to Attack, never really made progress. I should take time off to Smith. Prayer would see far more progress if it was cheaper. With approximately 4.3 million coins till 70 Prayer, it's not looking good. Most of my Woodcutting experience over these years has come from Magic Trees and Yew trees, so the money compensates for the few levels.

Even now, I still bow down to the task of money, I had my first Black Mask drop after about hlaf an inventory of monkfish but that could just be the luck.

My only real goals in mind for now are first 90 Attack, then 85 Strength, followed by a one-way trip to 99 Attack. I'm nearing the halfway point. Bandits have unfortunately made themselves a viable choice for experience though the cost of food is phenomenal.

I'm moving towards a Herblore level. And with only 5 songs until the Air Guitar, it's going to be a priority over these next few days. I'll pull off Spirit of Summer tomorrow and then if I could force my Hunter over the 51 mark, I could do Defender of Varrock and finally get the Air Guitar.

Regards, Boombaye1

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Of Seeteufel

Well, after a good 30 days of work, toil and a little crying, I've cobbled together enough for the Saradomin Sword. At the cost of my Whip and a certain Dragon Square.

I've found it to be a good all round weapon in general and it matches well with the skilling outfit.

I signed up with a new 100+ clan by the name of Glory of Saradomin. Great bunch of high rollers. Hell, their entire clan has an activity system, be active in the clan, events are held daily, less activity, greater chance of getting the gem-toed boot.

In a word, I had some great fun with them.

I named my Saradomin Sword Kardiac. A KO with that thing is called Kardiac Arrest. Geddit ?

Special thanks to the penguin spies and the level 60 Summoning they gave me. I named my new pet squirrel Nightbringer.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: Saradomin Sword, 89 Attack, 60 Construction, 60 Summoning, 60 Crafting, 58 Slayer, 74 Range along with 1 million Cooking and Fishing Experience.

Regards, Boombaye1.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Of a Minor Setback

I was woodcutting earlier, on a PvP world.

Wearing most of the best stuff I owned, including and not limited to Guthan's Body and Skirt, Abyssal Whip, Dragon Square Shield and a pair of Dragon Boots.

Hilarity ensued.

Long story short, I'll never look at PvP world the same way ever again.

So, my mildly impressive 5.7 million was abruptly cut back to 4 million.

Yet in all this, I learned something. That my last 20 or say days with membership went rather well. I amassed the largest amount of money I had ever seen in my own bank. And most of all, I realize that having a good 2 million or so would be a good thing. With only mild cursing and a few less than savoury gestures, I merely bought back all I had lost.

Either way, I also tapped into a near untapped source of great money.


The ranged experience is phenomenal and the money even more so, with only 2 hours camped out there, I raked in a spectacular 500k in cash. So, I've brought it into consideration as a primary source of money. It's for more dangerous but just as profitable.

And now I'm brought back to wondering: Dragon Platebody and Platelegs or a Saradomin Sword.

I can afford the repairs for my Guthan's but the idea of armour that doesn't need constant management is very tempting. I'll hold out for the Sword right now, the rest comes later.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of Bucklers

I buckled and lost.

I did capture this poignant scene before going down.

It took every nerve I had not to report the clown and once I realized I didn't report him, I also realized that I had willingly not done the right thing out of fear of retribution once more. Hence, I resigned and will now move on on my own. I will not hunker down to peer pressure once more and will carry on as I please. At many points, in real life and otherwise have I been pulled between what is right and what is socially acceptable. In real life, Right always prevailed and I should care to let Boombaye1 follow this example.

Oh, and to Sam: Use private chat, you got lucky.

Blargh, on the bright side, I hit my first 3.7 million. Somehow, I may have picked up some twisted responsibility and have learned to save my money. So, I may now be able to soldier towards that Saradomin Sword. In a word, I'm also pulled between Saradomin Sword and Dragonfire Shield. The Sword will give me a capacity to finally pull some Strength out but the Dragon Longsword is just as useful for said puporse. A Dragon hatchet is just as tempting.

The censor update isn't something I'm incredibly happy about. Being a teenager myself, I've tossed a few profanities at the twelvth graders on my first day of high school. It's all about context. Yelling out "Suck my ass, noob!" in a conference room is not a very charitable thing to do. There are times and places for cussin'. Runescape is not high on my list of good places to do so.

I find that exposure to swearing may prompt someone to do the same, it's not so much the fact that 9 year-olds don't know the word than they fear punishment for use of the word. Once others catch on, thery realize they may get off clean free with this and carry on to worse things.

After a run-in with Sandwich Lady at the trees, I realized that probably a year ago, I did an experiment which consisted of leaving a baguette in my bank for a month and then examining it afterwards. It's examine info still included the word 'fresh' even after one month made so little sense.

Though leaving my cat in there for 9 months without any attention may be just as baffling.

There is something wrong with this picture. The only hint I'll give you is that I'm the one wearing Guthan's, Whip and Dragon Square.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: 83 Strength, 80 Defence, 57 Slayer, 73 Ranged, largest amount of money ever seen in my bank account.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Of Fluidization

Well, I'm gonna list a few goals for this year and post a screenshot. It seems to have been such a long one, with me spending much of it as a non-member.

Goals for 2009:

99 Attack/Woodcutting
Dragonfire Shield/Saradomin Sword
Completion of Falador Achievement Diary

Simple enough, I need a level 99 in something. The Dragonfire Shield or the Sword will give me an edge in the fights and that Falador Tower Shield looks awesome.

As I type this out, I'm whittling away the remainder for my Strength level. I personally believe it's been a year since I trained that skill. With 13k till 84 Hitpoints, I feel somewhat relieved that I was able to pull off a Hitpoints level on such short notice. Either way. My new choice method of training Strength which is just an Obsidian Splitsword with a Berzerker Necklace allows me to hit just as high as I would with the whip and a Steel Minotaur at my side provides some Defence experience which I so devastatingly lack. An inventory of noted Minotaur Pouches and Lobsters ensure a long stay should the need arise.

Now, as to my goals for the year.

99 Attack/99 Woodcutting I simply feel due for some kind of level 99. I've been playing Runescape for a good 2 years now and I still haven't picked up any maxed out skills for which I happily blame my lack of focus and laziness. Attack has held the mantle of my favourite skill throughout these years as I personally think that there's no point in hitting hard if you can never hit. Woodcutting has been a faithful source of money for a while, sinc that day I discovered the joy of Yew trees, I could never abandon the idea of so much money. Even now, as Farming acts as a source of good, raw cash, I still look to Woodcutting for that quick pile of coins.

The Dragonfire Shield has been a long standing personal achievment set for myself as it is arguably one of th best shields up there. Not incredibly expensive, either. A Saradomin Sword will fill the void left by Skybreak's ultra expensive Bandos Godsword and as a valuable source of Strength experience.

The Falador Shield 3 A.K.A Falador Tower Shield is big, provides decent defences and looks cool. A must have for this and the next 28 seasons.

As for JaGex's year, I find that several parts of the game do need some improvement. A Slayer task I had earlier showed that Catablepons in the Stronghold of Security seem to have no attack sound effects or had their graphics updated.

I can see the Phoenix as a future pal. Rise from the ashes, set stuff on fire. It's a win-win.

I relish in the 5 minute till logout time, it'll allow me enough time to make a sanwich without having to run back to the PeeCee and click on the screen. I don't care much for the whole spellbook rearranging.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: 88 Attack, 110 Combat, 55 Slayer

Regards, Boombaye1

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Of Motivation and Debate

My goal for now which should be reached within 24 hours is 55 Slayer. Not for access to a great method of completing the Barrows minigame but for a Leaf-Bladed Sword to match my skilling outfit.

This alone was enough to force me into pondering over what motivates us to pursue our goals.

Many half, new, quarter and full moons ago, I tried for 55 Slayer so I could handle Barrows, but now, I merely want a sword that looks good.

When I swell on it, I find that I would much rather pursue casual over more functional ones.

I spent the last months of my original Pay-to-Play career using a Dragon Scimitar as my primary weapon due to the simple fact that I wouldn't spend a couple days at the Magic Trees and get a whip, yet I gladly forfeited time to cut some trees for a set of Red Elegant. Mere hours ago, I considered a Saradomin Sword as a good alternative for training Strength but then noticed how well that sword went with that armour...

Hell, even motivation for updating my blog comes not from pride of my latest level ups but for a need to drive you lazy bums into thinking about something.

Earlier, I had a debate with a friend of mine who hated Summoning. her argument was based on the idea that Summoning gives 'fake' level A.K.A a lack of pride from self achievement and that it wastes too much time.

I retorted by saying that the only reason Summoning levels seem fake is because it's a new combat skill and therefore, easy to train. She fought back by saying that fake or not, you could merely be stuck on a skill and ask a familiar for help near instantaneously for help. My rebuttal came in the form of using the Exchange an example. If you're in need of an item, you can merely walk on over, place an order and immediately receive it.

Well, this isn't about how the debate went. This is about how useful Summoning really is. Sure, for higher level players, the easy levels may come too...well, easily, but when you think about it, had Defence been released after Summoning, you'd also have thought about how easy the new Defence levels are coming in.

Bleh. I'm bored and I want to get another level soon.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: 57 Summoning, 47 Farming, 53 Slayer and I might as well add 88 Attack to the list as I'm only 64k away from the level.

Regards, Boombaye1

Friday, January 2, 2009

Of Sunray

In the last 7 days since I regained my so sought after membership, I've already picked up many levels.

Too many to list.

So, I'll just ahem, borrow the "Stuff achieved since last post" bit from every second blog and put it to use here.

But today's topic is the Godsword. I loaned one from a friend of mine by the name of Skybreak for 19 hours just to see what it was all about. Well, suffice it to say, it passed some expectations and simply didn't even get near others.

The Godsword is widely regarded as the top melee weapon in the game, rightly so as it has some of the highest strength and slash bonuses in the game and coupled with it's impressive speed, you have a very deadly weapon.

Each has a useful and powerful special attack and each is massively powerful on it's own, with or without the special attacks.

The amount of damage this weapon can deal per hit is normally enough of an incentive to buy it. I managed a 47 with Prayer and a little help from a potion on the normal attack.

Such things come at a price.

A high one, at the time of writing, the cheapest version of this sword goes at a staggering 15 million coins. That will turn off many potential buyers. It's ability to train all of the melee skills puts it a stupid ahead of the other contender, the Whip.

As I type this out, I realize such a weapon may not be worth the money as my staying power is drastically reduced by the lack of a shield. Against players, this is made worse as they seamlessly rip through my defences and carve me up like spring chicken.

My verdict is that I won't go after it, simply too low, cumbersome and it lacks the defence I require so much.

I'll fous on obtaining the Saradomin Sword for now, faster, looks more sleek and that much cheaper.


13 days from now a year ago, Summoning struck Runescape like so many tornadoes. Players ran up to that guy's house to pull off the quest and get a head start. It was a new skill, anyone with a dual digit I.Q and a pile of coins could put themselves at the forefront of the Hiscores and reach the top for once.

At first, I didn't notice the cost of the shards, I merely wanted to be able to Summon my first Minotaur and feel complete.

Fat forward a year and I'm still in love with the skill, it's vibrant, colourful and those familiars have some of the best dialogue ever written.

I'm now at a good level 55 and still going strong.

I intend to slow down once I hit level 57 or 58.

My short term goal for now is 56 Summoning so I can access another tier of Minotaurs and the Ibis. I train melee vigorously nowadays to keep my stockpiles of charms high and mighty, my primary targets are still Crimson and Gold charms for the skill and I'm gradually working closer to that squirrel.

That is all.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: 55 Summoning, 47 Hunter, 87 Attack, 83 Hitpoints, 46 Herblore, 58 Agility, 46 Farming, 86 Woodcutting, 53 Prayer, 51 Runecrafting, 63 Magic, 70 Fishing, 61 Firemaking, 57 Prayer and a personal record for the largest amount of money made in a week (1.1 million).

Regards, Boombaye1