Friday, December 28, 2007

Hehe, sorry...

I'm sorry for my uuuuh...absence (As if anybody noticed I was missing). My broadband service provider got cut...bad.

However, some good things have happened: I did the Knight Waves Training Ground thing, saw Bob the Cat...that's it. My construction is now at 52, woodcutting is at 80. I'll post a pic soon, soon means soon.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dragon hunting

No, not normal dragons, Iron and Steel dragons this time! They are somewhat easy to take down if you're properly equipped. I killed off a ton of them. Earlier I did some range training on waterfall Fire Giants. i got 91 range at the Giants, then as a teleported to Ardougne, Bang! I get 53 mage, not a bad day.


Toady I tried dragon hunting...and being a hero ! Bad things happen to heroes. I went 'prepared' for revenants. I was wearing Red Dragon Hide body and Guthans legs. I ran into an Ork revenant. Shocker. I tried fighting it aaaaaand I got owned. Since when do range attacks consistently 20s ?

Conclusion: If you get hit by a revenant. Run. Don't turn back just run !

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Operation: Snowblind

When the new Christmas event hit, I had to join in, and it rocks! However I regret to inform you that it won't rock in the long term. I have sworn to spent the next 2 weeks fighting battles in the Land of Snow.

IN the meantime, I'm gonna show you the basics of snowball warfare...
1. Your equipment: Snowballs and the Snow globe.
The snowball is your prime weapon of choice. Without these, you are nothing.
The snow globe is your prime method of in-field reload. Use these wisely and you'll be on your way to victory very soon.

2. Your gear: Polar camouflage is your friend. Anything white can be used. Cover yourself with this stuff.

3. Your terrain: The Land of Snow is obviously covered in a thick layer of this white powder.
Polar camouflage is key to your success. You want to blend in to avoid the enemy or blend in and get the jump on them.

4. Your Enemy: The road to victory is paved with these monsters. Kill them off at all cost.

5. Retreat: If you find yourself pinned or outgunned, don't hesitate to run. Come back and fight another day.

6. Tips: Always keep a few snowballs with you at all times. It's better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it.
Reload whenever possible. You never know which confrontation might come next.
He who does not strike first, will be first struck.
The best defense is a good offense. Don't stand behind an obstacle and camp over there.

I hope this small guide can give you an edge in the harsh world of Snowball wars...I gotta go, some noob just unloaded 3 snowballs at me in the last 2 seconds.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another day.

Today wasn't at all bad, sure I spent the entire afternoon trying to obtain a rune defender, and got it. During that time I spent killing off Cyclopes, I got 78 attack, 77 hitpoints and 94 combat. Also did a level 2 Treasure trail, the reward stank on ice...a Yew composite bow, adamant legs and full helm. How is that a reward ?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Time to close the day once again...Uneventful day, Died lost some red dhide, no major loss there. Had some fun agility training. Since I have a lot of free time, I'm getting some prayer exp. Got lvl 49 prayer today. Other than that, got pwnz0r3d a couple times by revenants.

Gonna go do some more serious dragon hunting today. Obviously I'm going a lot less geared up than yesterday. Got hit by a stupid Ork revenant. As I was spellchecking the word revenant, I got hit by a Rev demon. Teleblocked and I ran out safely. So I'm off that for some time. But for some quick(and somewhat weird) humor. I have a picture of me and the Kalphite Queen...her head, at least.

Healing and continous training.

I'm still training here...stupid invincible gorillas ! If Kong could do that chest beaty thing and instantly heal he would never have died ! I got 48 prayer but it's just weird how overkill these monkeys can be.

Some guy died here earlier and lost 2 mil worth of stuff...stupid JaGex update ! I couldn't get any of that stuff.

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's been somewhat of a nice day. I got 60 range, 77 attack, 93 combat and 48 dragon bones in a very short period of time. Time to close things off with some mild exercise, a nice meal and some burial rituals on a serene jungle island...what do I mean by that ?

*Mild exercise: Beating up hundreds of Marimbo gorilla guards.
*Nice meal: Lobsters and antipoison.
*Burial rituals: Prayer exp from those freakish gorillas I massacred earlier.
*Serene jungle island: Ape Atoll, full of beautiful flora, fauna and an army of killer monkeys .

Wilderness is truly dead -.- Today, I was in level 20 wilderness, hunting green dragons, chatting to my friends and editing this Guthans armour and an obsidian cape !

Patience, Dedication and You.

I'm not too dedicated unless a goal is really close, I mean reeeeeally close. I'm not patient. Unless I just lost some good stuff, I will then work a lot till I get it back I spent 6 days at the Seers Village yews without any rest when I lost those 2 whips along with any other decent stuff like an obby set.

Woodcuting is my prime method of moneymaking it takes a lot less concentration than killing Chaos Druids... that and killing guys in pinkish dresses is humiliating. Besides, woodcutting is consistent, Chaos Druids don't drop the same stuff all the time.

Most people have their own methods of moneymaking, some woodcut, others tear monsters to teeny tiny shreds, some slay the large creatures like the KBD or Kalphite Queen...others beg and take advantage of people.

During the update which took out Wilderness, Trading and Dueling. Hundreds, maybe thousands of high-leveled players quit. During this time, I saw epic drop parties of 60mil+
It is unfortunate that they quit as pkers and stakers are becoming a rare breed and slowly dieing out. During these massive drop parties, I saw that 15% of the people there were begging from the person who quit for free stuff. It is sad to see people taking advantage of those who have lost so much. It somehow reminds me of Pavarotti's death and now his Ex wife(s) are fighting over his fortune.

Simply put, if someone isn't patient or dedicated or dedicated enough to work for his money/items, they will go to any 'easier' methods to obtain said money/items. Begging, scamming and Real World Trading are common examples.

Ending this post, I say: Don't go to insane lengths to get something. The long route will have fewer obstructions, the short route is gonna drive you up a mountain.

Current and future goals. December 14.

At this point, thanks to a certain overkill type of dwarf cannon, My range training is coming on very nicely but the cost of cannonballs kills the fun. My long-term goals are currently 126 combat, 70 range at least and 99 attack and 99 strength. Small boy, big dreams.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Keyloggers, Hacking, Scamming and you.

"fr33 st0ff pl0x 1 h4v3 b33n h4ck3d" Words that will make Zezima himself shudder. We've all heard them, we all hate them. But what does the word "hacked" really mean ? Most people who have been "hacked" say JaGex has a virus but is that really true ? No. In most cases it is the player's fault. As I type these words, I can hear a thousand people screaming "It wasn't my fault !".
However, have you ever visited a site promising free membership or free gold ? By accessing many of these very sites, you have put a keylogger on your computer. What is a keylogger ? A virus which detects everything you type. Usernames, passwords and credit card numbers are the most common. Now I hear thousands of people screaming "You've never had a keylogger or lost your stuff ? How would you know ?". I have been there. losing TWO whips in one weekend isn't particularly pretty. But in order to get my stuff back, I am willing to sweat blood and work for it !

I have only begged twice in my entire life. Both of which were in Falador East Bank when I got hit by a scammer and lost full addy. I have rebuilt my Rs life and moved on from that incident.

Now we have covered hacking and keyloggers. What about scamming ? Scamming is like a magic trick. The magician/scammer distracts you on one end and does his "trick"on the other. Right in front of your eyes but you don't see it, now do you ? That, my friend is how scammers work.

So from now on. DON'T check out suspicious websites. DON'T blame JaGex for being "infected by a virus" and DO stick to the rules.

Wilderness killing updates and you.

Wildy has never been a friend of mine. Why you ask ? Well getting 0wnd1zz3d by another player may be one reason. However, this recent update has shocked me. Alot. Why ? Pulling wildy out could be a good enough reason. The fact the JaGex would go so far is somewhat scary. A good PvP zone is one reason why Rs stands above other MMORPGs. Taking that out was like being stabbed and then having the knife twisted.

I do not support this update as it essentially destroys Rs. I was overjoyed when they posted in Behind the Scenes that they had two minigames planned for December. I had now idea about the cost these two minigames would come with. IN one day, JaGex killed three very important spects or Rs: Player killing, Merchanting and Trading.

Rumors have been floating around about wildy being brought back on the 18th of December, the damage has already been done. I'm not holding my breath for this update.Though I am slowly adapting to these changes, I feel that Merchanting and Trading have died.

In conclusion, I say that this update was just to exterminate a small percentage of rulebreakers but the poison affected the rest of the players. Evil and the Dark Side of humanity can never be destroyed, only reduced.

My first official post...better keep it simple...a little about my Rs character perhaps ? Sure.

That would be my equipment on a relaxing day.

In battle mode(or when I wanna flay a Dagganoth from existence) I have something like this:


Hi. I'm Boombaye1 know by some. Understood by next to no one.
This is just a small blog of mine for Runescape. By now you should have realized I am an avid Runescape player. To make my job easier, I'm going to abbreviate Runescape to Rs. Yes, I am lazy.