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Of MechScape Speculation

Copied and pasted from a thread I made 'ere.

Hand written. Thanks to the miracle of caffeine !

I'm not an overly experienced member here, my only posts were utter trash but being a registered sci-fi nut and Co-Founder of the League of Runescape Players Who Spellcheck and Don't Abuse Syntax and Grammar, I'd like to post my ideas for the possibilities of combat in MechScape.

Combat is an important part of an MMO, it allows us to gain skill, shoot stuff and vent our frustrations on lesser NPC type beings.

MechScape, judging from the name would have one assume it's Humongous Mecha on gargantuan flying surfboards dodging so many missiles that it shouldn't even be possible to house them all.

I have soemthing to say about that.

Much of the concept art depicted treaded vehicles and humans in armour.

This is where I make my move.

I want to stress the fact that I expect you to start as an average human and maybe be able to pilot MEGAS XLR types later or as part of a minigame.

Therefore, in the future, suits made of strong, flexible and light carbon plastics would hold up well as a ranger's choice. Melee combatants (I don't care if melee sounds odd in a world where lasers exist) will carry bulkier, more cumbersome suits of ceramic powered armour that sacrifices speed and manuevorability for protection and sheer awesomeness. Melee takes strength. Micro hydraulics implanted in say, gauntlets of a suit will use said hydraulics to increase the user's strength ten-fold. Higher level powered armour may even offer speed and protection. Riot Shields could offer additional protection through the sacrifice of speed.

More agile hover vehicles should use the plastics. A hovertank could simply strafe their target to death. Heavier treaded tanks or APCs might include the ceramic armour. Humongous Flying Mecha could also use the light armour, might as well dodge them missiles.

Melee Combat
Melee is still feasible in this world through the use of think-headed guys in thicker armour stepping on tanks. Take a page from the Space Marines of Warhammer 40000 to get some good melee weapons.

I like dual wield. Use of twin longswords, however, should limited as in real life, you ever try to use 2 swords each as long as you are tall ?! A longsword and a dagger in the off-hand is more feasible, use the dagger t defend and or for a quick jab at the guy while he's occupied with the longsword or vice versa. Now, this may affect balancing since the guy might have access to to much firepower in a short time. That's why, we have Duelists. Duelists would be players who use a single 1-handed weapon to great effect, honing their abilities on 1 weapon may prove efficient against less well trained dual wielders.

As someone suggested in another topic, energy shields will work to close quarters defence. There are personal shields which wrap the user in a field and traditional shields used in the off-hand for defence. Personal shields should degrade after too much damage or have limited numbers of uses. Traditional shields may require recharging or repairs.

As you can see, even in this futuristic world, melee may have advantages.

Besides. Humongous Mecha on giant surfboards with dual wielding. How cool is that ?!

Ranged Combat
Naturally, MechScape needs a way for you to sever individual arteries in a target.

Ranged weaponry could be divided into categories; Light, Medium, Heavy, Specialist.

Light is composed of Pistols, Micro-Submachineguns and Carbines. Possibly used for dual wielding.
Dual wielding, short ranged combat and playing cowboy are where these weapons shine.

Medium hangs onto Assault Rifles, Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Light Machineguns.
Shooting stuff for the Average Joe. Good from medium to long range, these are your most practical choice for domestic ordnance.

Heavy pulls up on the idea of Energy Rifles, Heavy Machineguns Chainguns (not miniguns) and Grenade Launchers.
Short to medium range falls in love with this. And then turns it to swiss cheese with your neighbourhood laser guns and shooty dakka machineguns of infinite pwnage.

Specialist might have Rocket Launchers, Thrown Weapons (grenades), Flamethrowers and Emplaced Turrets and Weaponry. Orbital Strike beacons are optional.
No explanation needed. (only because I don't have one)

Combat could work in a way similar to the Ranged skill. Accuracy and damage are gauged through distance of the target, a moving target and user skill. All these dactors may complicate the game enough to discourage 10 year olds.

Dual wielding could only be used with Light Weapons. Dual wielding should double potential damage but cut accuracy by at least 30%. Dual wielding will not allow one to hit 2 targets at the same time. That's stupid and borderline impossible. Most specialist weapons may only be used in minigames.

Ranger armour would consist of light armour that allows for getting the hell outta there when things turn pear shaped.

Other Stuff.
As you can see, there is no triangle here. That's why I picture melee players as slower and bulkier, therefore easier to shoot. Rangers could have armour piercing weapons or cannons that fire tiny goblins through hell and into a guy's skull to combat armour and Warriors could put shields that dissipate weapons fire to use and even limited teleportation into play.

I commend you for reading this far. You deserve a cookie. A futuristic holo-cookie !

Groundbreaking Conclusion
This is gonna be awesome.

Regards, Boombaye1

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Kieran said...

You have some very interesting ideas for what Mechscape will be like.

I too have been pondering how combat will work in Mechscape, and my thoughts do not differ too much from yours.

Thanks for the entertaining read, I will soon be making a Mechscape Help website that you may be interested in.

Keep the great posts coming!