Thursday, September 10, 2009

Of Timing the Run

The new Development Diary. Now in condensed form.

Let's get some facts in.

1. No level 90+ Slayer Monsters this year.
2. There's gonna be a rebalancing of the Triangle. Large amounts of time invested. Possibly stretching through next year.
3. JaGex is looking to expand on dragon colour variants.
4. There's a greater probability of Magic Armour reducing damage than offering bulky defence.
5. The level 80+ Armour and Weapon sets are released after the rebalancing.
6. Sailing skill is just a rumor. Get over it.
7. No Farming in Stealing Creation.
8. Pets are gonna remain as they are, providing very few benefits.
9. High level dungeon, vibrant bosses and possibly great rewards planned.
10. No plans of allowing runes to be retrieved after minigame combat.
11. Level 80+ Requirements for next Grandmaster quest.
12. Achievement diary set with set bonus.
13. Too early to tell when combat triangle will be rebalanced.
14. Slayer update with a small but nice item.
15. New entries for major quest storylines in foreseeable future, therefore; within 6 months.
16. Duel Tournaments, Gnomeball and Barbarian Assault updates have not been forgotten.
17. Sliske in quest possibly in near future.
18. Skill updates through next year.
19. More focus on higher levels.
20. Plans for future landmasses exist. Only in concepts. Probably available by 2010.
21. Balance between Pking and skilling is being achieved.
22. More high level items that require actual skill rather than money.
23. Skills with little to no uses at higher levels to be upgraded first.
24. No more Grand Exchanges.
25. No skillcapes for free players. Ever. Get over it.
26. Idea of replaying quests without reward is in mind.
26. That tab will be revealed by September.
27. Plans for truffles were canceled.
28. Bug fixes in construction 'fore new content.
29. Large, high level dungeons with a team mechanic planned.
30. Indicating banned friends and friends with chats open to you is planned.
31. Major rewrite of the hiscores.
32. No mounts in the foreseeable future.
33. New woods are planned. Not redwood and cherry.
34. No current focus on a Bandos Helmet.
35. Dragon Warhammer will be released at some point later on.
36. Updating more useless skills like Mining and Smithing.
36. No plans to add a full refund for minigame rewards.
37. Prifddinas is massively huge. Expect with a Grandmaster quest.
38. No re-releasing holiday items.
39. There will be an option to have member's items seperate from Free-play items. Possibly a seperate storage box.
40. Maximum experience and level cap unlikely to rise. Too many gaps already.

So, I'mma try and set up a timeline.

1. Within the next three weeks: a small Slayer update, useful, apparently. 14-31 September. The new tab is to be revealed by September.

2. That kudos island isn't gonna be around for a while, probably next year.

3. Elemental Workshop quest, sometime next year.

4. A new quest, available to free players and members alike, by 2010. The word 'hopefully' was used, so I'd peg the time of release at around this time next year.

5. Possible plans to improve drops for older bosses.

6. Bloom and particle effects for magic spells in prototybe phase. I figure about November before they're released.

7. Updates are planned for Mining and Smithing with possibility of dragon armour smithing. Methinks we'll have it in late 2010.

8. The end-game, team based dungeons with really big hitpoint counts and rewards, alongside level 80+ armour and weapons could be released at the same time. A Dragon Crossbow is in the works. All of this may appear in a God Wars Dungeon scale update after the triangle rebalance.

9. New newbie tutorial quest launching very soon. I'd shoot for an October-November release date.

10. Perhaps new holiday event, small ones for the regions of the planet. Expect around the holidays. Duh.

There. The really big Diary in 40 simple facts and 10 speculated release dates.

I got 95 Attack and 89 Hitpoints. Within 48 hours. I'm a Soul Wars product now. So shameful.

I love the new Hand Cannon, it appears perfectly balanced and all. Slow, hard hitting and accurate with a chance of epic failure. I don't care about historical accuracy. Runescape happens in its own time period, the first real life hand cannons appeared around 1200 AD. That is, at the same time the knights were around. Swordsmen, pikemen and hand gunners fought alongside.

The balancing and all makes sense. A valuable player killing weapon.

Regards, Boombaye1

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RanginBalance said...

Actually the 80+ quest might not be Grandmaster. At least,that what JaGex said.