Saturday, July 19, 2008

Of Gerenic Stuff Involving Video Games

Doom. People who don't play have heard of it.

I play the Doom Boardgame and Doom 3.

Doom 3 has many advantages, half of all first person shooters through 2007 used it's engine.

Disadvantages include closet jumping. Things jump out of the closet at you even when you just checked it. These are all scripted, you pick up Ammo Crate A in Room B and Zombie jumps out of closet in Room A that you just checked.

It's like they want you to waste ammunition just after you receive it.

Doom: The Boardgame, not for the faint of heart. It runs on simple concept: Get the hell out of the Mars Base. It's challenging but a good team of Marine players working together can beat the snot out of any Invader (Bad guy) player. This boardgame is tactical and team based.

The box is pretty heavy with a snarling Hell Knight. Pretty.
Components include a ton of miniatures, unpainted and very detailed for something that's only 30mm tall.
A fully illustrated rulebook with plenty of examples and a very nice scenario book that contains 5 missions that form a campaign.

Why did I say it's not for the faint hearted ?

Bloodstains strewn across the board make a start, everything is directly modeled after what you see in Doom 3 and the 'flavour text' is very dark. The word dim is used far to often.

Anyway, onto something else.

A while ago, I bought Total War: Collectors Edition that included all 3 Total War games except Medieval 2: Total War, an artwork book, a manual the size of a phone directory and some bonus postcards.

I ran into an error with Rome: Total War and uninstalled it. When I tried to reinstall, it kept giving me a file transfer error and I Googled.

Followed some instructions, cleaned out my DVD with lukewarm water, and now, it's installed and I want to play !

More stuff, coming soon, the Roman Empire needs a stalwart and dedicated leader and I'm their guy.

Regards, Boombaye1

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