Saturday, July 5, 2008

Of 'The Stuff'.

Sorry, ran outta ideas for the post title.


Runescape HD was a great update, even F2P got a li'l touch-up. (I should know)

I find that I may be playing it a lot more just to explore the new place. Greatest thing part of the free version of the updates is the bowstring. You now see bowstring and your character drawing it back for that shot. Expect to see me training range, no matter how boring, a lot more.

I just found little bug and ran into one on Marlaine's blog.

I should compress these images. It's been 2 minutes since I hit that 'Upload' button !

Sooo, first up, when typing a comment on Marlaine's latest post, I misspelled 'Americans' and after some error thing, this remained:

And a bug from the HD update was found by me. Looks like a suit of armour from the Warrior's Guild broke out and decided to go on a 'Roach Rampage'.


Listen to the words of that song up there. It's Beethoven propoganda.

Regards, Boombaye1

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