Monday, February 2, 2009

Of mah lazur

I'd also like to take this opportunity to showcase my 1337 pr1ntscr33n 5k1llz.

No, I don't care if someone else simply took your name and did this for fun, it's hilarious and if my readers are as dumb as I hope they are, they'll believe it's you.


Meh, my new school is made of pure win, it's no school. It's a park, 70 well-behaved students coupled with friendly students and 3 kids who play Runescape, it's a dream come true.

Little made it's way to Boombaye, though.

I relish the coming update, some good fun is innit for me. This Soul thing is interesting. More so than Jiant Slayar Monstars. Yay for combat. Now, yay even more for Mobilising Armies.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: 64 Prayer and something else...

PS: I didn't post that just to make him look bad, that'd be silly willy.

Regards, Boombaye.

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man said...

hey im man and im just getting in to runescape blogging.

i am not a dumb read mind u!!!!

if u want u can check out my blog, its not well established and im not that good at english (YET) but perhaps u could offer ur sage advice?

god bless,

oh here is link:

dont be noob