Friday, January 30, 2009

Of Planetary Collisions

I'm hanging out at the Black Dragons with my mind resting on the thought of hunting down Iron and Steel dragons for the Visage. I've got the Saradomin Sword, let's kick it up a notch.

My 99 Attack goal stagnated when I decided to bring down those dragons once more but rest assured, it will come along after 85 Strength shows up.

The fact is, I stopped Visage Hunting at the Iron Dragons due to poor luck, I'm heading back there soon with better stats and more patience this time around. It appears that with a deeper understanding of game mechanics, I can get anything here done. I know much but understand very little. As such, I'm going to put more into this. I have a fine stockpile of cash with which to pull this off. The only problem is choosing a weapon. No whip. Dragon Battleaxe or Dragon Mace.

In other news, I'm unfortunately being transferred to another school. Big shot private school. Do not want.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: 90 Attack, Lunar Diplomacy, 49 Herblore, 49 Farming after Tears if Guthix.

Regards, Boombaye1

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