Friday, October 2, 2009

Of Red Vektor

I changed mah name to Red Vektor. I like the word Vektor and red is the colour of my pet, my outfit, my cape and now, my name.

The colour of my cape.


Not white.

Not black.


99 Attack came in today. The original plan was to get it via lamp from the Fremennik Diary. I picked up the lamp last night, knowing it couldn't be banked. I'd rather keep it in the inventory until the level came, 250k experience later. Turns out, you can't bring non-combat items into Soul Wars. Burned the lamp and added the experience to Attack.

The cape completes my skilling outfit. I think that's enough level 99 for now. Strength is next on the list, possibly Cooking or Fletching. I did forget to turn on Runescape HD's fullscreen for my level, too.

Ah, well.

I maxed out a skill. A combat skill, fourth most common skill. It's not bad. It's a good day. Got 120 Combat, 1675 total and 99 Attack in one go.

Later, at Tears of Guthix, the 129 tears bought in 55 Herblore.

I should be happier. Just that school starts on Monday. My internet died and I should have gotten the level yesterday. I'm actually one day behind schedule. It was fun getting it but taxing.

Got some tips for someone working on a 99 skill.

1. One level at a time, don't set your objectives from 70-99. It doesn't look good.

2. If you want to, reset your objective halfway through a longer level, once reset, it takes less experience for the bar to move forward. The point is to give the illusion that it's going quickly.

3. Remind yourself of what you want. The cape, the emote, the achievement. There's a light at the end of that tunnel.

4. Have people cheering you on. Friends and such. Notify then of any level ups. Their congratulations may spur you on.

5. Take regular breaks. Try to avoid stopping entirely, but if you feel like quitting, spend some time off and do something fun.

6. Set a quota for experience per day and strive to meet it. Go over your quota if you feel like it, but it's good to tell yourself you're done for the day and can relax.

Regards, Boombaye1

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