Saturday, October 3, 2009

Of the Titanic Roulette

Tiz said he liked the song.

After getting 99 Attack, I wound up in the same predicament I was in before I took up the Attack goal seriously: I had no goals. In 2 days, I've spent 3 hours logged onto the game but not doing anything. 3 hours is worth a Hitpoints and Ranged level or over 500k in sharks.

I'm testing out 99 Fletching. I never took the skill seriously before, but now it calls out. It's an apparently easy level 99 with no real work. I did a bit of number crunching. According to the guides, the recommended method was to cut and string yew longbows followed by selling them. I poked around and noted that I'd lose close to 700k from 77-99. That scrapped the whole cut and string method.

I looked into stringing them alone. This bought in a profit and was slightly better than cutting alone or cutting and stringing. This is my method. I may move on to Magic Longbows later on.

I want trim for my cape. The main problem with stringing bows is that it's quick. 12 seconds per bow. I need to constantly pay attention for maximum efficiency. The other solution is to cut unstrung bows with a Sacred Clay knife and use them as junk to loan out my Godsword to people. It worked but people will only take so much at a time.

I did look into other skills for a 99. Something non combat and not expensive. The list was narrowed down to Thieving, Fletching, Fishing and Firemaking.

I could afford Firemaking. But it was too boring and clicky for my tastes. Experience is good, even at Maple logs. The cape had a nice emote to go with it, to boot.

Fletching didn't strike me as likeable. I only used it in passing as a tool to relax. Experience is fast and it turned a profit. It was just too annoying to bank constantly.

Fishing is a rather slow option and is boring but gives me a change to read or study. It was also pure profit and processes were simple with little banking.

Thieving wasn't all that profitable with Pyramid plunder in mind. Experience was easy and things were too clicky.

This cut it down to Fishing and Fletching. Fishing is my source of money and I'd prefer not to hate the skill too much. Fletching was an easy one, judging by how common it was.

I just also finished my test run. It wasn't too bad. If I set a quota of 1.5k - 2k bows per day, I might have it in a couple of months. Somehow, I was able to buy the unstrung bows and bow strings at minimum price. I can understand the bows but not the strings. Oh well.

The bows sell fairly quickly on the Exchange, most often within 10 minutes. This may actually work out for me.

What better way to get rid of the stress from one level 99 than with another level 99?

Regards, Boombaye1

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