Sunday, October 25, 2009

Of Villomis

Those goals of pushing certain skills a few levels up into the next tiers?

Dropped 'em.

'stead, I put 3 days into Fishing and drawing. It's a new hobby and fishing + drawing fit together incredibly well. Picked up 83 Fishing today, so there's a consolation for dropping the others.

I also nabbed 70 Magic after a day of Soul Wars. I hate Magic.

I rather liked the rewards from the Ardougne Diary. JaGex is coming to their senses and giving useful rewards in their quests and diaries. I understand the need for balance between usefulness and access to an item but some rewards are just outrageously stupid.

Thankfully, those 3 days of Fishing nabbed me about 3.5 million. I love that green '10M'.

Poked around and found my total wealth to be 49.5 million. A few more sharks and a week of inflation will bump it up to 50. I'll take a save a screenie of it and wait for JaGex to kill 76king and give my money some value once more.

I'm also changing my name back. Red Vektor is kinda dumb.

Regards, Boombaye1

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