Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wilderness killing updates and you.

Wildy has never been a friend of mine. Why you ask ? Well getting 0wnd1zz3d by another player may be one reason. However, this recent update has shocked me. Alot. Why ? Pulling wildy out could be a good enough reason. The fact the JaGex would go so far is somewhat scary. A good PvP zone is one reason why Rs stands above other MMORPGs. Taking that out was like being stabbed and then having the knife twisted.

I do not support this update as it essentially destroys Rs. I was overjoyed when they posted in Behind the Scenes that they had two minigames planned for December. I had now idea about the cost these two minigames would come with. IN one day, JaGex killed three very important spects or Rs: Player killing, Merchanting and Trading.

Rumors have been floating around about wildy being brought back on the 18th of December, the damage has already been done. I'm not holding my breath for this update.Though I am slowly adapting to these changes, I feel that Merchanting and Trading have died.

In conclusion, I say that this update was just to exterminate a small percentage of rulebreakers but the poison affected the rest of the players. Evil and the Dark Side of humanity can never be destroyed, only reduced.

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