Thursday, December 13, 2007

Keyloggers, Hacking, Scamming and you.

"fr33 st0ff pl0x 1 h4v3 b33n h4ck3d" Words that will make Zezima himself shudder. We've all heard them, we all hate them. But what does the word "hacked" really mean ? Most people who have been "hacked" say JaGex has a virus but is that really true ? No. In most cases it is the player's fault. As I type these words, I can hear a thousand people screaming "It wasn't my fault !".
However, have you ever visited a site promising free membership or free gold ? By accessing many of these very sites, you have put a keylogger on your computer. What is a keylogger ? A virus which detects everything you type. Usernames, passwords and credit card numbers are the most common. Now I hear thousands of people screaming "You've never had a keylogger or lost your stuff ? How would you know ?". I have been there. losing TWO whips in one weekend isn't particularly pretty. But in order to get my stuff back, I am willing to sweat blood and work for it !

I have only begged twice in my entire life. Both of which were in Falador East Bank when I got hit by a scammer and lost full addy. I have rebuilt my Rs life and moved on from that incident.

Now we have covered hacking and keyloggers. What about scamming ? Scamming is like a magic trick. The magician/scammer distracts you on one end and does his "trick"on the other. Right in front of your eyes but you don't see it, now do you ? That, my friend is how scammers work.

So from now on. DON'T check out suspicious websites. DON'T blame JaGex for being "infected by a virus" and DO stick to the rules.


Parent said...

Besides being careful while visiting web sites it is also preferable to have some security software installed. There's a great variety of anti-viruses and firewalls, but to tell the truth it's not so easy to find a reliable protection against keyloggers. As to anti-virus you may choose Norton or NOD32, firewall - Comodo, Zone Alarm and many, many more, I've tested several specialized anti-keylogging programs, the only one that left a positive impression is PrivacyKeyboard. At least these set of programs and carefulness may grant you quite a high level of protection.

Boombaye1 said...

True. I personally prefer NOD32, Norton is too slow.