Friday, December 14, 2007

Patience, Dedication and You.

I'm not too dedicated unless a goal is really close, I mean reeeeeally close. I'm not patient. Unless I just lost some good stuff, I will then work a lot till I get it back I spent 6 days at the Seers Village yews without any rest when I lost those 2 whips along with any other decent stuff like an obby set.

Woodcuting is my prime method of moneymaking it takes a lot less concentration than killing Chaos Druids... that and killing guys in pinkish dresses is humiliating. Besides, woodcutting is consistent, Chaos Druids don't drop the same stuff all the time.

Most people have their own methods of moneymaking, some woodcut, others tear monsters to teeny tiny shreds, some slay the large creatures like the KBD or Kalphite Queen...others beg and take advantage of people.

During the update which took out Wilderness, Trading and Dueling. Hundreds, maybe thousands of high-leveled players quit. During this time, I saw epic drop parties of 60mil+
It is unfortunate that they quit as pkers and stakers are becoming a rare breed and slowly dieing out. During these massive drop parties, I saw that 15% of the people there were begging from the person who quit for free stuff. It is sad to see people taking advantage of those who have lost so much. It somehow reminds me of Pavarotti's death and now his Ex wife(s) are fighting over his fortune.

Simply put, if someone isn't patient or dedicated or dedicated enough to work for his money/items, they will go to any 'easier' methods to obtain said money/items. Begging, scamming and Real World Trading are common examples.

Ending this post, I say: Don't go to insane lengths to get something. The long route will have fewer obstructions, the short route is gonna drive you up a mountain.

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