Saturday, June 27, 2009

Of Canis Latinicus

Win. I envy Tim's place for that reason.

I've had a sudden impulse to work on non-combat skills after the hours spent picking up 92 Attack. Out came the knife. I'm not far from 1 million experience in Fletching so I've taken up the knife and 5000 maple logs to get 75 Fletching.

After this, I'll have 75 Fletching and a stack of 5000 untrung maple longbows in my bank. They're worth about 730k all but nobody buys them. I'll ship them into the general store, should make a profit anyway.

Looked up the price on Wikia. I'll make a loss selling them to the store. Should I opt to sell these things to a general store, I'll lose an incomprehensibly large sum of 38k. 0_o

I also got 76 Fishing today and begun harassing sharks. Turns out, they're better money than Woodcutting Magic trees, even at level 76 against 88. The sharks don't make annoying choppy noises, I don't have to fight over their respawns and I don't need to world hop to find an empty world.

Caught 500 sharks. Sold them. I should get 80 Cooking and a set of Cooking Gauntlets to supply myself with big fish.

Also, I appear to be too lazy to close a 4.5k gap to 67 Magic.

No, I don't use Magic, why did you ask ?

Regards, Boombaye1

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