Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Of Literary Abandonment

Sweet mama Peru ! According to this Developer Log, posted on 26th of June, Mobilising Armies will be with us in a few weeks.

Only 7 months overdue.

I've been anticipating this moment for months. My computer's cooling went wonky and had to replace a fan.

I also love Fishing, made over 2 million off sharks so far. It's far more soothing than Woodcutting.

In other news, I can hit 10 million coins within an hour. Fishing and all that.

Also, the Dragon Longsword kicks the Dragon Scimitar's ass. When on Aggressive mode, I hit just as hard as a whip, it's special kicks in 4 times per bar, hits often and harder. All of it's stats are superior to a Scimitar of the same and includes an option to stab.

Also, the Longsword is cheaper. 50% so.

It's just a little slow.

Regards, Boombaye1

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