Saturday, July 4, 2009

Of the Sounds of RuneScape

I always play with sound on in the game though I frequent areas of the game with generic music. As I type this, I'm looking through the list of tracks and playing the ones that sound interesting.

I found that the vast majority of tracks suit a certain mindset. These hundreds of tracks are rarely listened to by us, most are supremely well composed. We players are a fickle bunch, we don't truly care about the hours of work the audio teams at JaGex put into their songs and move on with our own choices, I acknowledge that we should listen to what we want to but there exist 599 tracks for a reason.

Many of these tracks are only ever used once, during some obscure quest or in the far north-east corner of the Wilderness. If only JaGex would update their tracks and add some sort of playlist options, a list of favourites and such. There is an empty space for button on the bottom left in smallscreen mode, might as well fill it up.

I'm also posting my favourite tracks.

Fruits de Mer
Scape Summon
Dogs of War
The Mentor
Corporal Punishment

Regards, Boombaye1

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