Friday, July 17, 2009

Of xTreme Improv

I've run some tests with Irene. The Godsword cost me 20.1 million, it might as well be versatile.

Test 1: Cutting small things.

I started off with a watermelon, diamond, pineapple, orange and cabbage. My theory is that the Bandos Godsword's special attack should be able to effortlessly tear through these ingredients for my stew. The diamond ? Oh, sliced diamond adds texture to any meal.

I dug up some interesting uses for the Godsword.

So I made the cut. I needed a target before using my special attack so a nearby spider kindly err...volunteered.

Quite fun, once done, I brushed the spider's smoking carcass away and examined the results of my experiment and whether I would be required to order takeout tonight.


Orange - Sliced and diced, devoid of dangerous contaminants. Success!
Watermelon - Neatly carved into 3 equal parts. Success!
Pineapple - Diced, not what I was hoping for. Failure.
Diamond - Turned to flour. At least it looks like flour. Don't breathe this. Failure.
Cabbage - What cabbage?

Fruit salad at best.

Test 2: Slightly larger and smellier things.

The remains of my previous experiment were only enough for a fruit salad so I needed some actual food.

Sushi time.

I took the liberty of preparing a shark, tuna and swordfish for diner. Gutted them and all that. My theory is that the shockwaves from Godsword Special Attack + Piety would neatly slice up these fish.

The spider's wife kindly volunteered for the next test.

I examined ground zero and found nothing.


Shark - Vanished
Swordfish - Vanished
Tuna - Vanished

Utter failure. I also cracked some tiles. At least the spider family doesn't have to cremate the family member this time.

Test 3: Hot beverages.

I dig mah tea, yo! As a player originating from a country which has had some British influence over the past 100 years, I am required by law to enjoy tea.

I got some water, and planned to boil it with my Godsword. The tea leaves are just there for a size reference.

Some nearby goon assaulted and murdered my test subject, a nephew. So I got the uncle over here. *shwing*

Inconcievable! The massive heat and pressure has warped the carbon structure of the bucket into a bowl! Oh, and the water was boiled.



In conclusion, the abilities of the Godsword are endless. Warping things, making things vanish, cool effects and making tea. It's a warrior's dream!

I'm gonna have to order pizza. Fruit salad and tea are not enough to satisfy my hunger.

Mebbe I should try slicing pizza with my Godsword!

Regards, Boombaye1

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