Sunday, January 20, 2008

Desert Treasure

Ever since the day I see someone raise his hands and watch a huge amount of white stuff fall from the sky and dish out incredible amounts of damage. I dreamed of having these spells...Ancient Magicks as they were known, are notorious for their ability to devastate large groups of enemies with a single blow. Blood spells drained the very life of foes and returned it to the user. Ice spells rendered anybody with a melee weapon useless. Storming any structure held by someone with Ancient Magicks at their side was borderline suicidal. Today, I have embarked on the quest needed to obtain these abominations.

Poeticness and fluffy story junk aside, I've always been a warrior. Range training was too tedious and mage was simply boring. Like my inspiration to get a whip, it came when I was at Pest Control. Someone hit a 20 with a whip and since then,I have loved it. In this case, someone used an Ice spell which froze any Torchers in it's path.

Desert Treasure is one of the longest and deadliest quests to ever grace Runsecape. I am now beginning this quest and fulfilling my dreams of pwning anybody that gets in my way. Wish me luck.


oxox0xoxo said...

i too am taking on this quest (i got 67 mage) it is indeed hard. i have recintly finished monkey madness :) Good Luck

Boombaye1 said...

Monkey madness was calm, quiet and nice without much slaughtering Desert Treasure is half impossible.