Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanks and Denarii.

Denarii. The standard Ancient Roman currency A.K.A money Thats not the important thing right now. I need to thank Marlaine for giving me the idea to use Battlestaves as a method of moneymaking. Though I messed up big time when I first tried it, I can see it is a potential way of very fast money, magic exp and crafting exp. when I first tried, Zaff ran outta staves. I had to navigate the entire Taverly dungeon to get to the Obelisk. Then I realized my crafting lvl wasn't high enough to make them...I ended up using a stew of doom to get it done. Tomorrow, I'll try again, this time, I'll craft my own Cosmic runes, get more staves (somehow). Ever since JaGex made that shop update, Arhein doesn't sell seaweed anymore, neither do the Charter Ship crew members. I'm now stuck buying them from the exchange. I finished hand in the sand today, I'm gonna get another ton of sand Tomorrow and try is Marlaine's blog...on a final note, I'd totally kiss her if I didn't know she'd slap me to Proxima Centauri. Once again, thanks.

Regards, Boombaye1

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