Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Moneymaking and luck.


As promised, I was hunting Steel Dragons for that Visage. Nothing serious. Just a li'l fun (Maybe a lotta money) As I beat the last one into the dust and was about to tele, I see something RED on the ground. I knew this was destiny ! Sure enough, a Dragon Plateskirt was staring me in the face !

I also realized if I wanna make money outta nothing, I can cut Magic logs, if I wanna increase my current amount of cash, I smith and sell Cannonballs. That Dragon Plateskirt, it helped get me 300k which I then put into steel bars and smithing. As of now, I should have a cannon very soon. Huzzah ! I have also realized that Smithing my own Cannonballs is a lot cheaper.

In other news: I have had a number of Combat Stat increases and I am currently training my Defence to prepare for the day I get my Dragonfire shield. I also found this on the day the Dealing with Scabaras quest. It's kinda funny.

Please don't make any comments bout the fact that I'm a girl. I wanted to creep my friends out and I was too lazy to change back.

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