Saturday, April 5, 2008


We had a blackout earlier and I got bored enough to right a my descent into madness. Our group was hit by the Llamas again and it took an hour to restore power and evacuate...

19:55. Power goes out. Was playing Titan Quest. Lost all progress. 6000 exp away from maxing out defense.

20:03. Parents arrive home from work.

20:05. Realizes cellphone batteries will die within an hour.

20:17. Finished Dinner.

20:19. Decide to listen to music.

20:20. Got bored of music. Decide to listen to music upside-down on couch.

20:21. Got bored of above idea.

20:22. Decide its easier to listen to music upside-down on couch in living room than study.

20:26. Got bored.

20:27. Decided to jot this down and post on blog.

20:29. Attempt to pour Coke in the dark.

20:30. Cleans up mess left from 20:29.

20:37 Plays the same song over for the third time in a row. Got another 'battery low' message.

20:39. Battery dies. Preparing to give it a funeral.

20:42 Opening up the cellphone to obtain battery requires screwdriver.

20:43 Launches world's smallest search party. Objective: Screwdriver.

20:45 Aborts funeral. Can't obtain screwdriver without murdering a crow.

20:51. Brain starts shutting down. Lack of radiation from Computer screens and TV is primary cause.

20:54. I hts hed on tabel.

20:56. After 4 glasses of Coke and some kind of solidified, frozen water, my brain appears to function as normal.

20:58. Our scouting party gas been trapped in this desolate wasteland for over an our. Morale is low and we've eaten our last swimsuit calendar. I got June through August. Voting to see who will give up an arm for breakfast.

21:05 A clan of mutant Llamas armed with harpoon guns steal our breakfast.

21:11. Delta 62 went bananas.

21:12. Tossed 62 off a cliff. He landed on another cliff.

21:17. I am writing this by the light of mortar fire as the Llamas are hitting us again. We have 07 on the conduit but it could be a while before power is restored. They're comi-

I'll let you guess what happened next.

Regards, Boombaye1


Vaskor said...

Oh, my... That's hilarious.

Boombaye1 said...

Hardly. Marlaine: Marlaine's Musings.
Me: Musing of a small mind.