Monday, April 14, 2008

Of Kitt, gaming and vacation.

Kitt stopped blogging and has left her blog in the dust...This is my 80th post and I'm typing this out as Dawn of War: Soulstorm is installing. I'm an avid gamer, no surprise. Runescape has lost its position as top game I waste my life on. Now its between the Maxing out my character on Titan Quest and beating the snot out of anything in Soulstorm. I have not quit Runescape and may never will but I will miss Kitt. It appears that her blog was shot down by flak from someone by the name of Kayla.

During my vacation, my Father bought a new laptop with Windows Vista and enough Ram and a good enough graphics card to run Company of Heroes and I spent more time on that than sightseeing.

I'll see about posting pictures of my vacation later on but right now...Soulstorm finished installing.

Kitt = Tau Empire. Strong in her beliefs and willing to take charge...even if it means gross consquence.
Kayla = Dark Eldar. Malevolent, cruel and takes pleasure in cruelty.
Boombaye1 = Can I pick more than one ?
Tim = Inquisition. Leaders and warriors dedicated to punching evil where it hurts most...genitals or the wallet, we may never know.
Marlaine = Sisters of Battle. Maintain calm and never explode unless with a good reason =p

Buy Kitt and happy slaughter of Dark Eldar to me.


Eman said...

im sure youve proubly heard of me from kitt im someone she also cant stand, eman1051, Kayla really liked always getting on her nerves finally i guess she went overbored with spamming, but the canadian kayla wasnt her its her other friend who wanted to get her and kitt to be friends again (if i read what he said correctly)

Boombaye1 said...

Oh, yeah. Hit my blog instead why dontcha ? Not my problem she can't stand you. Never heard of ya.

Zacharyb said...

If you're not gonna take criticism, than you might as well just not blog. I am a good friend of Kaylas, so it makes you look stupid to make fun of a really great person.

Boombaye1 said...

She shut down one of my favourite blogs.

Kayla said...

and kitt opened up a new one so get over yourself you have no right to bad talk me when you dont even know me.