Friday, April 18, 2008

Of Post Titles, Money and Sandpaper

Most blog post titles tell you something about the topic. 'A Bright Prospect for Merchants', 'The Good, the Bad and the Stupid' and 'Tips on Magic.....Summoning.....' are prime examples. Mine are no less the same. I've lost that creative jest when creating post titles and most will now start with 'Of' Kitt seems to have the most humorous and creative and I can't mine humorous and creative without crossing the copywrite line.

While I was casually strolling about in Lumbridge on a free world and reporting noobs (Wow, me, reporting noobs. Shocker) 2 people said I was showing off my high level and equipment in the space of 1 hour. Why shouldn't I be allowed to show my Dragon Sq Shield or my level 100 Combat ? I earned it through hard work and you should stop flapping your git and get yourself to work earning something. This isn't a case where Daddy's Little Princess phones Daddy and within 1 hour, shes strolling down Main Street, flaunting that diamond studded purse of hers. She didn't earn it, she shouldn't make it look like shes better than anyone else here.

My lips and mouth feel like sandpaper. I got myself dehydrated when school started and I can't yawn without feeling nerve ending swear at me. That glass of water in front of my monitor is also obstructing my vision ! That and I'll allow 3 Days to answer the questions I post before I post my ideas and/or answers.

Boombaye's Questions of the Post:

How many things are in the WOM's house that don't exist anywhere else ?

Shellshock: What does it do ?

Why do people use fake flavourants in concentrated lemon juice but real lemon juice in dishwashing liquid ?

Regards, Boombaye1

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