Monday, April 21, 2008

Of Spam and the End of the World

Quote: lol so u dont like people with bad grammer? go fuck ur self then noob lvl 70s arent high lvls, and stop whining about bad grammer ur one of those noobs that jagex is worring about End Quote.

I found at least 7 errors in there that aren't slang, netlingo or shortened versions of regular words. That, my friends, is how Boombaye1's theory of reverse evolution works.

A while ago, I got this comment. Since I don't ever check back on the comments on old posts, I only ran into this one when I was deleting E-Mails. I'm lucky though, Marlaine has to deal with something along the lines of 200 spam comments per post and I expect at least 20 of them should be from haters.

Listen, Sparky, I don't care what you say about me, I have my opinions and you have yours ! I don't meddle with you so you don't meddle with me ! Capiche ? You have one chance to pull yourself back together before the Ban Hammer comes down. Gah ! I just read on Kitt's New Blog that Blogger doesn't let you ban anymore ! Great. My last line of defence is gone. Now I see why Tim doesn't allow comments, Kitt stopped blogging and Marlaine doesn't use Blogger.

Kitt has changed genders to slow down people making passes at her and something about outfits. I changed mine just for fun at first but then, watching how many people would ask me out (the red outfit helped) I now hang around on free worlds a lot and report anyone who asks for a BF/GF.

Kitt says hell is other people. I say this isn't life, this is Hell with fluorescent lighting.

Here are a couple links I ran into at Yahoo!

End of the Earth Day
Take a look at the solutions to these problems, they're the best part.

Films that make Your High-School History Teacher Cry
Gotta love Speedos (You didn't hear it from me)

I am getting closer to changing my blog title to Musings of a Small Mind. It seems more fitting.

Boombaye1 over and out !

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