Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Runescape free worlds falling apart...

Aye. Nutjobs are actually soliciting cybersex on Runescape free worlds. There is less trouble like that on Members worlds. I often visit free worlds if I'm bored to check out the chaos. JaGex has also tightened security on those worlds. Every time I go there, there is a 75% chance of running into a mod. This never happened when I first started playing. In fact, in early 2007, it wasn't too common to see someone begging. Whenever I walk into Lumbridge, all hell breaks loose as a get at lease 5 trades within 3 minutes. Most will just say 'plz' after I say no. Its a harsh cycle.

There are a few players who go about their business and I just say to myself "they have potential". I still wonder what those few non-noobs can handle this torrent of stupidity. Whats worse is the report abuse system. You can't send more than 1 report every 60 seconds. Why can't JaGex have a system that filters reports, if there is more than 1 report for 1 person every 60 seconds, can't they just keep if for later ? That way I kind pummel as many different players as I can pummel different keys every minute.

Regards, Boombaye1

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