Thursday, April 17, 2008

Of Names, Luck, Disappointment and Musings of a Small Mind

Disappointment. We've all faced it. That new Andre Sanda Rodriguez dress you can't afford. A computer that handles Crysis you can't afford. A friend who has stopped blogging (Kitt Fox reference).

Today, luck struck for me as I emptied out my kingdom, no eggs. I was Disappointed. Dug through the nests, I was lucky and hit a Spirit Seed. I said:" Aren't these the seeds that go for like 2 mil on the GE ?!" I charged at the Exchange (maniac style) 'This item cannot be sold on the Grand Exchange' Disappointment. That seed is now a placekeeper in my bank. I also like to buy a few things or just go through the exchange if I'm upset or something. I accidentally sold my whip for 1.3 mil but that resulted in me doing Legends Quest and obtaining a Dragon Sq shield.

Today, I made the idiot mistake of buying a Rune Berserker Shield "just because I can". Its sitting there at minimum price waiting for a buyer. However, in selling everything I got from my kingdom, I did manage to rack up another 100k boosting my budget to 300k. That 171k from the shield is gonna make it even better.

That brings me back to the days where I would quit on a goal and have a stack of coins sitting there and then spending it on something stupid. I have considered more Mole Hunting as the nest prices have raised and I can actually get buyers now.

Onto the names !

A name is something you really shouldn't change but I hope to change mine to Boombaye instead of Boombaye1. Then I can join the Pantheon of Cool People with no Numbers Behind Their Usernames. I kinda feel that Boombaye1 seems like your average 'secondary player' and not a main account. Boombaye's password was lost to time though. I have been thinking of changing my blog title to 'Musings of a Small Mind' (inspired by Marlaine's Musings) its gone about 2000 miles off course from the Runescape topic. Remember, thinking about it, not implementing yet.

I'm also adding a few things for you to think about at the end of each post. Just to get that grey matter working.

Boombaye's Questions of the Post:

Which melee Barrow's armour is stylish and provides good defense bonuses ? (Torag's is out !)
Combos of different parts are also accepted.

Why are coffins always nailed shut ?

The Learnean Hydra: How many heads does it have ?

Post your answers in a comment, please I really don't want these things in the chatbox.

Regards, Boombaye1


Kitt said...

Coffins nailed shut - to keep people out IRL. In RS, I haven't found a nailed coffin.

Learnaean hydra - I think 7 heads to start. The myths just say "lots". :P

Boombaye1 said...

The first one's answer...I didn't even know.

Second one is correct !

Boombaye1 said...

I really shouldn't have given everyone the right answers before half the people who read this thing answered.