Thursday, May 15, 2008

Of 'The Days'

My first days after Boombaye1 was created were based on a simple schedule of Kill, Chop Wood, Kill, Cook, Smith and Kill.

My earliest levels were spent with a training sword and bronze square shield with my treasured leather armour. I'd hack apart goblins like an absolute madman and if i ran too low on health, I just headed to the chicken coop with my bronze axe and tinderbox, cook a few chickens, eat and move on.

I discovered the joys of smithing on tutorial island. My original directive was to only wear what I could smith so that there would be no loss should I die. It worked but the levels suddenly became harder to obtain and I was stuck at the steel full helm when I realized this wouldn't work.

I packed a few chickens, 100 gold coins, a bronze axe, hammer, steel pickaxe and my full iron and journeyed to the island of Karamja in search of glory. I climbed down the rope and into a pit of skeletons. Panicking, I couldn't find my way out and charged in deeper and encountered something truly massive: a Lesser Demon.

I died that day, desperately fighting on to some form of solace, but to no avail.

I decided on a smaller goal: access to the Cooking Guild. I spent 2 afternoons on the River Lum, fishing, cooking and dropping what I cooked. I gained level 35 fishing and 40 cooking during those days.

I pushed forward into the guild and reveled in its majesty. With the 37k gained from smithing months ago, I bought a Rune Longsword. That day, my love for the longsword picked up. I barely, if ever used a scimitar.

The Grindscape portion of my journey began when I encountered Air Running: excellent cash, quick and most of all, easy. I made 100k in a single afternoon, never had I seen so much money in my entire existence !

I walked into Varrock West Bank and saw someone selling full mithril at a mere 15k. I made a grab for it. Soon enough, I was training at the Lesser Demons I had come to fear and respect. I received my membership at 12:34 in the morning and my first task: Hunt.

I used the 2k I had left to travel to Feldip, my World Map open at my side once again. This incredible world opened up in front of me. I gained 2 levels when I went to bed that night and never let go for 6 months...

To be continued.

Regards, Boombaye1

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