Saturday, May 17, 2008

Of Friends and the Not-Too-Distant-Future

I'm going to detail a list of my greatest friends. Those who are regular players, have aided me in great times of need and those who just seem to make each day a better experience.

6. Air Dragon15. Intelligence, need I say more ? One of the more recent people I ran into to have perfect (to a certain extent) grammar. Also the guy who drove me to read Digital Fortress, which I must add, was awesome.

5. Megs 60. I haven't seen her in ages. She seems to lead something of a harder than average life than most. Ran into her at Castle Wars in the waiting room. Great person.

4. Denalikenls. A Runescape mother who still has enough time to still enjoy her life =P A person who can talk about quite a few topics and someone I can learn from.

3. Wan Sweeney. Smart and great person, she has great grammar and spelling and doesn't talk about her theory of astrophysics...actually makes fewer grammar and spelling mistakes than me, go figure. Spends her time in Varrock with her 92 Magic and heals people with Lunar for experience till 99. Inactive for a while. I miss her.

2. Cheesey563. Can be annoying at times when he constantly brags about party hats and full Bandos he owns* Even so, he was the one who supported many of my efforts when I got hit by that keylogger. He gave me 900k when I first lost my whip. When I died and lost my whip again, he gave me another. I sold that one to finish Legend's and buy my Dragon Sq.

1. Zezimna1. Who doesn't have a person on their friend's list not named after Zezima ? Fun person with a great sense of humor. She seems to be on less often nowadays though.

There are also people who I have deleted do to extreme inactivity.

Stanmarsh222. The first person to ever land on my Friend's list. I asked him to bring along 20 essence when I was crafting Air Runes at level 20, he agreed and then a friendship spurred. He's been gone for ages now.

Zaklea. He was a member of my first clan back in Easter '07. That clan has died and he is now greatly inactive.

Jagex's latest post says that huge graphical revamp may be closer than we think.

In last week's Image of the Future newspost, we revealed our secret plan for RuneScape: a complete graphical rework. We were sneaky and held back a little information, however: namely, when you can expect these updates.

Drum-roll, please... You will have access to all of these updates within a couple of months! There really isn't much time to wait. If you can't wait for more details on the update, a new Development Diary is coming later this month.

We plan to keep improving RuneScape's graphics in the future, so we would encourage you to 'Send us your Specs', if you have not already.

Finally, we can reveal another image of the future...

A few months ? This could be our Christmas present ! Or if we're really lucky, our *gasp* 4th of July present ! Probably not but this brings me hope that I will be back when this thing comes out..... Unfortunately, my internet is capped at 3 Gigabytes and this may use up quite a bit.

I did get on of those earlier goals of my back.

And also a goal of opportunity, I only had 9k to go on this and made 59k in the end =P

Regards, Boombaye1

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