Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of The Fever

When I talk of a 'fever' I talk of suddenly loving a skill that was normally at the back of my mind.

These last few days, I went from adding a few small things to my house through making the most expensive modifications I've ever done to it.

I've reached 57 Construction and the minimal level required for building a Marble Fireplace. I plan on using stew to do the rest, the rest is a nightmare.

3 Hours bringing down rats with a Wily Hellcat.

An undisclosed amount of stew.

Selling a number of things I really valued.

I'm now heading back to the Warriors guild with stew in mind for another attempt at getting that 6 level boost I crave so much. All this time, I'm hoping of completing my dining room. I have everything but the Marble Fireplace.

The song 'Bet on it' sung by Zack Efron is playing in the backround. The following lines keep reverberating in my mind:

"Don't you ever lose yourself to get what you want."
"I'm not gonna stop that's who I am"
"I'll give it all I got that got that is my plan"

I've been at this since 10 AM today without a single break.

I won't stop until its done or I have to leave.

Regards, Boombaye1

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