Sunday, May 18, 2008

Of Opulence

Today was a good day.

I bought 2 things made of marble which is actually a milestone for me.

A Marble Cape Rack for 350k and...

Yep. An opulent table at 200k.

2 Marble Blocks = 600k
4 Gold Leaves = 500k
4 Cloth = 3k
6 Mahogany planks = 10k

And I bought the flatpack for a mere 200k.

I wasn't happy when JaGex released the Grand Exchange with inaccurate prices. Right now, I'm nuts with happiness as the first pieces of marble have been installed in my house. What once only existed in my twisted dreams is now reality as I stare blankly at that table sitting in my dining room.

Originally, I first installed the Cape Rack and then decided to cut trees to buy a Gilded Magic Wardrobe. I checked the Grand Exchange price on the Opulent table just for fun. I thought it was 2 mil at first, an outrageous price. When I looked closer, I noticed a 0 was missing in action.

Another look at my inventory and my jaw went slack as I realized I could afford one of the most expensive pieces of furniture for the dining room.

I'm now at the Seer's Village Magic Trees, this time, after the Gilded Magic Wardrobe again. My dining room currently contains the Opulent Table, Gilded wall decor, a bell pull, mahogany benches, a limestone fireplace and opulent curtains.

I'm first gonna get that magic wardrobe, then Gilded Benches. Too bad that you can't flatpack fireplaces. My dream is a house with marble fireplaces. They're just too beautiful to pass up.

An over-furnished study is my target after the benches and the wardrobe. I doubt I'll make it past a Lunar Globe but that should be enough. It seems that I'm one of the few people willing spend money on things as expensive as Marble Cape racks and Opulent Tables.

Even houses with the most awesome dungeons, lined with enough spikes to turn you into Swiss Cheese, don't have opulent tables and Marble cape racks and most don't even have Lunar Globes.

Too bad tomorrow, school kicks off again.

Regards, Boombaye1

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