Friday, May 16, 2008

Of Effort and Freeplay

I'm preparing to become a free player. Bringing my members skills up a bit and looking at my current achievements.

I'm in my house right now with my pet Zamatrice and will be uploading pictures as I type this...
Looking around, I can see I've really made progress as you can see, I've got a full portal room with another one across the hall. This is the first time I've ever appreciated my work. A full house with most room AND 2 parlours supporting the place.

I never really looked at any of my achievements hard enough to see that I am actually a high-leveled player. The Grindscape piece of my life has taken so much up that I disregard these achievements as mere stepping stones to a larger goal. I'd see a player with a higher level than me and instantly, the green-eyed monster kicks in.

I'm ranked 64,165 in the Summoning high scores which is quite fantastic for a skill with so few uses and that takes so much money. As I now realize I have 2 weeks till membership dies and I need those to work my stats up.

My goals are as follows:

60 Agility. Agility's abilities kick in even on free worlds. My energy regeneration will always be above average.

55 Construction. Perfectionism, 55 Seems like a good number and I can reach it today.

50 Summoning. Hope seems lost for a Raven but perfectionism is in this goal too and I just like the fact that I'm halfway in terms of skill and not experience.

70 Range. Member's ranging methods are far superior and I want to wear Black Dragonhide for the first time before I leave.

54 Thieving. I'm 2k away from it.

A good looking outfit for the free worlds. I can't wear my Elegant forever.

These are my goals. I have 14 days. Wish me luck.

Regards, Boombaye1


Kitt said...

An outfit I think looks cool on F2P is the desert top and legs from Ali M. which you can buy after doing Rogue Trader. At the bottom of the RuneHQ guide shows a pic of the clothes.

If you want something that's P2P but can be worn in F2P, stock up on colored gloves from Canifis clothes shop.

Boombaye1 said...

I can't wear that outfit forever, I need to train at some point.

Stockpiling on coloured gloves is a good idea.