Friday, February 22, 2008

Black Dragon Hunting.

My latest thing I like doing is Black Dragon hunting. Black dragons have a better Visage drop rate, can be cheaply ranged and don't need high levels. Marlaine published a guide on Mithril Dragon hunting, thats for high level players. Mine is for lower level players and pures.

Firstly, skills. Here are the basic requirements: At least 65 Range. Access to the Evil Chicken's lair and a good defense would help.

Equipment: At least Red D'hide. A rune crossbow Emerald tipped mithril bolts(e) anything with a good range bonus, a raw chicken and an anti dragon shield.

Getting there: head to Zanaris with your equipment, just behind the area you enter should be the Evil Chicken Shrine. Use a raw chicken on it to get to the Lair. once in, run slightly northeast to a narrow area, stand next to the inner rocks and fire away with the crossbow. Only take on the purplish ones with the curved horns as they won't retreat.

My range level is currently 65, I bring 150 bolts and once I get a full inventory. I teleport to my house, go to Varrock and buy more stuff needed for another hunt. I always bring along 3 Ranging Potions(3) to boost my levels. It doesn't cost much and can be profitable, I make about 50k+ per trip. Remember, if you ever have a bit of cash to spend, go for these guys to turn up a nice profit.

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