Monday, February 25, 2008

A kids imagination...

Anybody why has met me will know I often threaten people in fun ways...I have a twisted sense of humor. A friend and I were discussing multi clanning and I said if there was a war between his clan which I am a member of and a clan which I might create. I said if something like that were to happen, I would need to fortify my POH. Here are a list of ideas I came up with:

A minefield of Salamanders which explode in fiery death when stepped on. His response: Points for creativity, deduct points for realism.

Negotiating with Dwarves to see if they could build me a minigun. No response.

Turning my chapel into a war room/armory. The altar would flip over, revealing crossbows with 1000s of bolts. The stained glass windows become hologram projectors and give mission briefings.
His response: You know you're a nutjob, right ?

A guard tower with a minigun. No response.

A missile silo hidden under the fountain. His response: isn't that a lil impractical ?

I then asked him, am I being to ambitious ?

Yah think ?

No. I need to think bigger !

*snaps fingers* Intercontinental Ballistic Fire Strikes !

About your missile silo, have you considered a misfire ?

So it'll wipe out Varrock, who cares ?

Mebbe I could modify Mourner Gear into Chemical Warfare gear !

I also need a Fallout Bunker !

His clan is that similar to a Ninja Academy so I asked him: You're a ninja right ? Do you know how I can put crossbows in my paintings ?

Okay, I'll stop.

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Vaskor said...

Very nice, thank you!