Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dragon Hunintg, quests and Zamorak...

I'm typing this out as I hop worlds to find a place where I can hunt Black Dragons and (hopefully) get a Visage. My ranarrs are also growing but I don't understand how Tim can buy his seeds and not be able to go broke while he waits for ranarr prices to spike. I saw someone the other day say that he didn't get a Visage drop in 4 feels odd that people actually take 26 mil granted in a way. I did quite a number of quests in an attempt to get the number of songs I have to unlock down. I have also been saving up my money from dragon hunts to get all the pages for the Unholy book, th range bonus is irresistible, only page 1 is left. Oh, and I'm 16k away from 67 range and 67 range will bump my total up to a sweet 1400.

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