Saturday, February 16, 2008

A lil update on the current events in my runescape life.

Firstly, I see potential in using Farming as a moneymaking skill. Just like Tim, in my early days (and even now) I hated non-combat skills. Even if thats where a large portion of money comes from. I simply plant Ranarrs on every herb patch I can access which adds up to 4. Heres how it works...1. Buy Herb seeds of Exchange (yes, I did say buy. Pickpocketing just doesn't seem worth it). Collect the needed teleports to get to the patches (Ardy, Fally, Ectophial and Cammy or Catherby if you have Lunar). Apply Supercompost or regular to patches. In my eyes, Super gives more herbs than regular. Wait, rinse and repeat.

It also didn't seem dignified that a bulky warrior all decked out in heavy armour is planting flowers and trees and checking the health on plants *shudders*.

You might wonder why it says 'Links, blogs and Marlaine' the thing that makes her special is the fact that she first gave me the idea to start blogging. I was Googling for something and the link led me to her article on Battlesaves and Bang ! her blog sticks. Currently, her blog is the second most visited site for me, only second to Runescape.

I'm only 14 levels away from a 1400 total and if anybody reads this, please gimme some tips on training Hp ! I'm a level 102 warrior with a hideously low 79 Hp. I'm posting so many times to make up for my inactivity lately.

Regards, Boombaye1


oxox0xoxo said...

a good way to get hp exp is pest control! its fun and i know people who get 300 points an hour (the high levl boat) it works for me :)

Boombaye1 said...

I always use the high level boat. It takes some time though.