Monday, February 25, 2008

Runescape is being dumbed down...a lot.

Yes, I'm a kid. Yes I registered when I was was 12. However, it bugs my that so many people are immature and under the 'age of having a brain' Youtube has a large number of idiotic members that are all above 18. I believe YT lets you choose your age, if it's below 18, you're not allowed but I see '40 year old' 'Canadians' (no offense) swearing in in ways that could drive a sailor off the edge.

However, ever since they began advertising on Miniclip, which caters mainly to children, RS has been hit by a never ending swarm of them. Also, JaGex added those cartoons about obeying rules and stuff. I admit, that was kinda funny at first but stinks now. Also recent death animations involve your enemy kneeling down to you (Druids, Edgy guards and even Demons) in some way providing a pitiful sense of achievement. After you've killed as many Druids as I have, it gets irritating.

JaGex also worries more about the new (noob) generation and not the veterans. I have only met 3 people with grammar better than mine in 1 year of playing. Obsession with wealth has also become apparent. I am guilty but not on a scale that I want a hat for 250mil. Sorry, Tim, I really think you should sell that Phat, whats wrong with full Bandos, Third age shield and such ? It also shows wealth and that Skill cape is by far 1 of the rarest. I also admit that my wishlist will cost a significant amount but it also acts as something I can rely on to save my life.

A while after I lost my second whip to a keylogger, a friend by the name of Cheesey563 generously donated a whip to me. I can live with what I have now but I want more. I want armour that doesn't need repairs and that can hold off all those arrows at Castle Wars. I want a shield that has far better defense bonuses than a rune defender and I also want a cape that shows I am able to hold off a lvl 702.

People have done the Fight Caves with levels lower than mine. People have gotten that lucky drop but many others will turn to scamming and other methods to...shall we say, to get things done.

All in all, the flood of 10 year olds has annihilated the more experienced players and sent them packing. Weeks ago, I saw a lvl 70 something teaching newbs on a free world about combat, range, attack styles and defence. He used perfect grammar. I felt so happy for once that a higher level player would take time off to teach others about RS.

Another one was maybe no more than 5 days ago, someone was voicing his opinions about his Verac's armour on a free world. I walked up behind him and said: Dig the Verac's ! And he responded by saying "Dig the Verac's" ? I was dumbfounded by that and then said: Nice Verac's and he says "Thanks." and actually added a full stop.

Another one was someone who pmed me saying nice blog. Yesterday, I asked him why he wouldn't talk to me and he said "Sorry, I'm busy." Not the Capital Letters and full stop.

So, RS is being invaded. This is 1 small step for veterans and 1 giant step on veterans.

Regards, Boombaye1

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Anonymous said...

lol so u dont like people with bad grammer? go fuck ur self then noob lvl 70s arent high lvls, and stop whining about bad grammer ur one of those noobs that jagex is worring about