Tuesday, February 19, 2008

JaGex, I thank you.

The new Bounty Hunter update has just come out and me, as a lone wolf player am overjoyed. The previous issue of clan-piling is now over but a spell at those levels...oh boy. Pures now can have fun once again ^.^ I'm gonna test out the new minigame as it came out 10 mins ago. I also like the rewards for Bounty Hunter and I've just taking up farming for money, what great timing ! I'm gonna quote Marlaine and say: smiling big ! =))

Kudos to JaGex for an update that wasn't complete failure !


oxox0xoxo said...

wait? bounty hunter just came out? here were i am it has been how for like 2 months... weird

Boombaye1 said...

No, Bounty Hunter has been turned into a single combat zone. You can't get piled by more than 2 people anymore.

oxox0xoxo said...

ya... sorry i mis-understood. i hadnt gotten on lately, and didnt see the new updates. i personaly think that is a great update:)