Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A moment...

Most of our accounts had humble origins. Tutorial island, Lumbridge, that steel scimitar we all treasured so much. I'm gonna recount some of my old non-member memoirs. I used to enjoy smithing quite a bit. I'd spend entire afternoons mining and smithing. I was new at the time and didn't know how to train properly. I would simply smith the next best thing available to me. I feared anything higher than level 10. The only reason I smithed was so I could use the armour and weapons. People often called me a pure because I was wearing iron with a rune long, in truth, I was too afraid to wear anything else that I couldn't smith...non-member life was hectic. I knew nothing better than training at goblins. I stayed by goblins until I got my full adamant an moved onto Lesser Demons at level 54, the exp seemed incredible as I would just fish some lobsters and train. I once spent quite a while fishing at the River Lum and then cooking the fish to gain access to the Cooking guild. Little did I know that 40 fishing would come in very handy one day.

That's the end of this piece of history. Oddly enough, Marlaine hasn't been updating her blog lately so she's either on vacation or something went wrong. I pray it's not the second one. I still haven't thanked her for giving me the idea to start blogging. On the bright side, a single teleport to Camelot during the Garden of Tranquility quest gave me 60 Mage. No more Wizard's Mind Bombs when doing Earth Obelisks.

I have added a couple pictures.
1: Weapons of mass Destruction
2: 82 Attack
3: Clan wars. Read the chat box.

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