Saturday, March 29, 2008

Titan Quest...Game

The game came in and in a space of 22 hours, I have beaten everything except the last boss. This last boss however can: Fire 3 Lightning bolts at you, Fire a Poison Bolt, Drain your life, toss meteors at you and has the ability to drain the life from you AND then use it to replenish his own. I on the other hand, am a level 22-27(I forgot the level itself) Conqueror (Warrior + Defense) with minimum gear, a bow, an arrow a good helmet and a decent strength the math.

However, 22 hours has to be a record and I've only explored less than half the levels. The highest you can get in the Core version is 65. This last boss is impossibly powerful. I've tried ranging him-fail, I've tried melee-epic fail and I've tried calling spirits of dead soldiers to aid me. They were cut down within 17 seconds and I was stuck meleeing him again...pelting him with arrows seems better and I'm supposed to be a warrior !

I am currently on the lookout for a special set of armour and should have it within a week. I'm also gonna work on my defense skills as Typhon (the last boss) keeps getting me down within 4 hits. I will still be off Runescape for a while and may even miss out on Summoning Batch 2

Regards, Boombaye1

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