Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Knights Ash clan

I have created a new clan. The Ash Knights. Only 3 members so far so sign up ! This is a lvl 80+
Clan here is the clan blog and here are the forums.

I am requesting help in how to change the title from 'Test Forums' to 'Ash Knights'...any help would be appreciated.

Construction and a new friend...

I met a new friend yesterday, Wan Sweeney. (surprisingly) she uses perfect grammar and spelling. Great (if not creepy) personality. Can't say much more, I've only known her for about...4 hours.

On the other hand, I've been annihilating Basilisks to get that head I've always wanted. Construction also got me broke, buying 3 gold leaves can bankrupt me that easily *stares at Tim balefully* I did get 53 construction and 39 herblore so I am now farming ranarrs, making pots and then selling them.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A kids imagination...

Anybody why has met me will know I often threaten people in fun ways...I have a twisted sense of humor. A friend and I were discussing multi clanning and I said if there was a war between his clan which I am a member of and a clan which I might create. I said if something like that were to happen, I would need to fortify my POH. Here are a list of ideas I came up with:

A minefield of Salamanders which explode in fiery death when stepped on. His response: Points for creativity, deduct points for realism.

Negotiating with Dwarves to see if they could build me a minigun. No response.

Turning my chapel into a war room/armory. The altar would flip over, revealing crossbows with 1000s of bolts. The stained glass windows become hologram projectors and give mission briefings.
His response: You know you're a nutjob, right ?

A guard tower with a minigun. No response.

A missile silo hidden under the fountain. His response: isn't that a lil impractical ?

I then asked him, am I being to ambitious ?

Yah think ?

No. I need to think bigger !

*snaps fingers* Intercontinental Ballistic Fire Strikes !

About your missile silo, have you considered a misfire ?

So it'll wipe out Varrock, who cares ?

Mebbe I could modify Mourner Gear into Chemical Warfare gear !

I also need a Fallout Bunker !

His clan is that similar to a Ninja Academy so I asked him: You're a ninja right ? Do you know how I can put crossbows in my paintings ?

Okay, I'll stop.

Runescape is being dumbed down...a lot.

Yes, I'm a kid. Yes I registered when I was was 12. However, it bugs my that so many people are immature and under the 'age of having a brain' Youtube has a large number of idiotic members that are all above 18. I believe YT lets you choose your age, if it's below 18, you're not allowed but I see '40 year old' 'Canadians' (no offense) swearing in in ways that could drive a sailor off the edge.

However, ever since they began advertising on Miniclip, which caters mainly to children, RS has been hit by a never ending swarm of them. Also, JaGex added those cartoons about obeying rules and stuff. I admit, that was kinda funny at first but stinks now. Also recent death animations involve your enemy kneeling down to you (Druids, Edgy guards and even Demons) in some way providing a pitiful sense of achievement. After you've killed as many Druids as I have, it gets irritating.

JaGex also worries more about the new (noob) generation and not the veterans. I have only met 3 people with grammar better than mine in 1 year of playing. Obsession with wealth has also become apparent. I am guilty but not on a scale that I want a hat for 250mil. Sorry, Tim, I really think you should sell that Phat, whats wrong with full Bandos, Third age shield and such ? It also shows wealth and that Skill cape is by far 1 of the rarest. I also admit that my wishlist will cost a significant amount but it also acts as something I can rely on to save my life.

A while after I lost my second whip to a keylogger, a friend by the name of Cheesey563 generously donated a whip to me. I can live with what I have now but I want more. I want armour that doesn't need repairs and that can hold off all those arrows at Castle Wars. I want a shield that has far better defense bonuses than a rune defender and I also want a cape that shows I am able to hold off a lvl 702.

People have done the Fight Caves with levels lower than mine. People have gotten that lucky drop but many others will turn to scamming and other methods to...shall we say, to get things done.

All in all, the flood of 10 year olds has annihilated the more experienced players and sent them packing. Weeks ago, I saw a lvl 70 something teaching newbs on a free world about combat, range, attack styles and defence. He used perfect grammar. I felt so happy for once that a higher level player would take time off to teach others about RS.

Another one was maybe no more than 5 days ago, someone was voicing his opinions about his Verac's armour on a free world. I walked up behind him and said: Dig the Verac's ! And he responded by saying "Dig the Verac's" ? I was dumbfounded by that and then said: Nice Verac's and he says "Thanks." and actually added a full stop.

Another one was someone who pmed me saying nice blog. Yesterday, I asked him why he wouldn't talk to me and he said "Sorry, I'm busy." Not the Capital Letters and full stop.

So, RS is being invaded. This is 1 small step for veterans and 1 giant step on veterans.

Regards, Boombaye1

Yay !

I got unmuted...why ?! They said within 24 hours but now realized that my offense was actually encouraging others to break the rules when I said "ooooh a mod ! Lets spam him" note the words "lets" and "spam him"...I am happy that I got unmuted but if I were still muted, I could experience the muted life and and train my non-combat stats a bit. Still gonna do it but just less =( I am not saying that JaGex should mute me...

Mental note: Never suggest spamming a won't end well.

Tick-tock time to rock !

Regards, Boombaye1

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have a reputation of having a zero blackmark policy...that has been crushed under a wave of boulders. I just realized I've been muted for 24 hours...I said 'shet' earlier when I hopped about not being able to find a world...after 17 attempts. I applaud the dude who reported me and JaGex for being able to enforce these rules at such speed ^.^ I'll back back by tomorrow, in the meantime, I'll switch off private chat and work on my non-combat skill (construction, farming and agility). On the bright side, I got lvl 41 farming and that bumped my total up to 1400 but I do apologize (to anyone who remotely cares) about my actions and will take steps to rectifying them.

Regards, Boombaye1

Dragon Hunintg, quests and Zamorak...

I'm typing this out as I hop worlds to find a place where I can hunt Black Dragons and (hopefully) get a Visage. My ranarrs are also growing but I don't understand how Tim can buy his seeds and not be able to go broke while he waits for ranarr prices to spike. I saw someone the other day say that he didn't get a Visage drop in 4 feels odd that people actually take 26 mil granted in a way. I did quite a number of quests in an attempt to get the number of songs I have to unlock down. I have also been saving up my money from dragon hunts to get all the pages for the Unholy book, th range bonus is irresistible, only page 1 is left. Oh, and I'm 16k away from 67 range and 67 range will bump my total up to a sweet 1400.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stats and dead dragons...

I have had a number of stat increases recently: 80 Hp at PC. 66 Range at drags and I messed around with Romeo and Juliet (the play). I have actually decided to try and wipe one of the items off my wishlist (the Visage) by working for it. I'm just as shocked as you are.

The hunt continues...

My Black Dragon hunt is still going strong. No sign of exhaustion...yet. So far, my best drops were a Rune Battle Axe and a Rune Bar (stinks huh ?). That Visage still seems like a distant dream. People get 1 on a 15 Black Dragon slayer task. Others don't get one after 6000 drags. It seems like that you seem to get one when you least expect it. The drop rate is (estimated) to be at about 1 per 1000...just killed another aaaaaand the drop is...16 Addy darts ?!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Black Dragon Hunting.

My latest thing I like doing is Black Dragon hunting. Black dragons have a better Visage drop rate, can be cheaply ranged and don't need high levels. Marlaine published a guide on Mithril Dragon hunting, thats for high level players. Mine is for lower level players and pures.

Firstly, skills. Here are the basic requirements: At least 65 Range. Access to the Evil Chicken's lair and a good defense would help.

Equipment: At least Red D'hide. A rune crossbow Emerald tipped mithril bolts(e) anything with a good range bonus, a raw chicken and an anti dragon shield.

Getting there: head to Zanaris with your equipment, just behind the area you enter should be the Evil Chicken Shrine. Use a raw chicken on it to get to the Lair. once in, run slightly northeast to a narrow area, stand next to the inner rocks and fire away with the crossbow. Only take on the purplish ones with the curved horns as they won't retreat.

My range level is currently 65, I bring 150 bolts and once I get a full inventory. I teleport to my house, go to Varrock and buy more stuff needed for another hunt. I always bring along 3 Ranging Potions(3) to boost my levels. It doesn't cost much and can be profitable, I make about 50k+ per trip. Remember, if you ever have a bit of cash to spend, go for these guys to turn up a nice profit.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fashion or Function

RS offers a large variety of clothes, casual wear (elegant, berets and cavaliers) and combat gear (plates, shields and legs) the problem of choosing a good looking outfit is not easy. My choice would be Guthan's plate and legs, glory, whip, rune defender (may change to Dragon Sq), dragon boots, barrows gloves and a lizard skull. Then comes the topic of this post, would you like an outfit with better bonuses or one that looks better. Few combos have both. I am slightly more fashion than function. I chose Guthan's over Torag's 'cause Torag's had that massive beergut. That time, I chose Fashion over Function. I traded in my Royal Helm for a skull. once again, Fashion over Function. However, many people who can afford a Dfire Shield don't buy it because it's ugly. I disagree. Walking around with 27 mil worth of armour that can breathe fire is worth it. In my eyes, it isn't so much ugly as it is menacing.

What our outfit is made up of can mean the difference between life and death. In many cases, uglier outfits can easily save your lives just as a good looking one makes you look more impressive.

My wishlist is: Full Bandos (no boots) Dragonfire shield, fury and a fire cape. This could take a while...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

JaGex, I thank you.

The new Bounty Hunter update has just come out and me, as a lone wolf player am overjoyed. The previous issue of clan-piling is now over but a spell at those levels...oh boy. Pures now can have fun once again ^.^ I'm gonna test out the new minigame as it came out 10 mins ago. I also like the rewards for Bounty Hunter and I've just taking up farming for money, what great timing ! I'm gonna quote Marlaine and say: smiling big ! =))

Kudos to JaGex for an update that wasn't complete failure !

Food for thought and training till you die.

When training combat, one thing everyone needs is food. I'm gonna talk bout the higher level foods (Tuna and up) and some rather unorthodox types of food. First: Tuna. Heals: 10 Hp. GE value: 78-82 gp. Obtainable at lower levels ? Yes. Tuna is common for lower levels who can't afford (or fish and cook lobsters) some higher level players use it when fighting weaker monsters to save money.

Second: Lobster. Heals: 12 Hp. Current GE value: 175-184. Obtainable at lower levels ? Yes. Used by those with low and high levels, lobsters heal a moderate amount and are freely available. Used by everyone as an affordable food.

Third: Monkfish. Heals: 16 Hp. GE value: 274-304 gp. Available at lower levels ? No. It heals a significant amount and needs a quest, higher levels players who can afford it use it to train or fight larger enemies.

Fourth: Sharks. Heals: 20 Hp. GE value: 727-805 gp. Available at lower levels ? No. Commonly used by high level players to fight bosses and very large enemies. Save these things up for Boss Fights and not training.

Fifth: Basket of Strawberries (I'm not kidding). Heals: 25 Hp per full basket. GE value: 285-300 gp. Available to lower players ? Probably. These heal a lot, save space and are best used for stuff like agility where you only need to heal small amounts of damage. The only problems are the fact that they take time to get unless bought and they heal only 5 Hp per berry. They're also cheap.

Sixth: Chocolate Bombs. Heals:15. GE value: 109-266 gp. Available to lower level players ? Probably. Heal a ton, can be cheaper than lobsters and unote at general stores for I think about 2gp. Perfect for Dagannoth training but are limited in availability.

As you can see, more exotic foods (Strawberries and Choco Bombs) are less expensive but are more difficult to obtain. Common foods are easier to obtain but more expensive. I hope what I have written here has helped you somewhat.

Regards, Boombaye1

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A lil update on the current events in my runescape life.

Firstly, I see potential in using Farming as a moneymaking skill. Just like Tim, in my early days (and even now) I hated non-combat skills. Even if thats where a large portion of money comes from. I simply plant Ranarrs on every herb patch I can access which adds up to 4. Heres how it works...1. Buy Herb seeds of Exchange (yes, I did say buy. Pickpocketing just doesn't seem worth it). Collect the needed teleports to get to the patches (Ardy, Fally, Ectophial and Cammy or Catherby if you have Lunar). Apply Supercompost or regular to patches. In my eyes, Super gives more herbs than regular. Wait, rinse and repeat.

It also didn't seem dignified that a bulky warrior all decked out in heavy armour is planting flowers and trees and checking the health on plants *shudders*.

You might wonder why it says 'Links, blogs and Marlaine' the thing that makes her special is the fact that she first gave me the idea to start blogging. I was Googling for something and the link led me to her article on Battlesaves and Bang ! her blog sticks. Currently, her blog is the second most visited site for me, only second to Runescape.

I'm only 14 levels away from a 1400 total and if anybody reads this, please gimme some tips on training Hp ! I'm a level 102 warrior with a hideously low 79 Hp. I'm posting so many times to make up for my inactivity lately.

Regards, Boombaye1

Summoning humor.


There are a lotta things that are funny about the familiar's speech and dialogue. Some guy also had Full Dragon at level 38.

The Scorpion thinks he's a gangster.
The Spider is depressed.
The Dreadfowl is a brutal murdere.
The Wolf is a hunter (a lot more noble than the dreadfowl).
The Rat loots stuff.
The Granite Crab has an eating disorder.
The Wrym goes on and on about the 'Union'.
The Snail doesn't understand the concept of legs.

Happy belated Valentine's day

Thursday was V-Day. Friday was the V-Day Ball at rocked reeeeal good. I have a small problem...normally, I'm 'cute' to the girls and 'cool' to the guys...yesterday at the ball, the tux I wore made me look smaller. Hence the girls calling me really cute the fact that I smothered my hair in gel made me ultra-cool to the guys. Weird thing, I thought I'd be just as unpopular in High School as in Primary ( Elementary school. Grades 1-7) School. It's surprisingly fun. So, happy belated V-Day ya'll !

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm back...

My connection went bang and you know the rest...If I'm not on RS for more 2 days, people might think I'm lying comatose on a hospital bed. Tears of Guthix gave me 33 Summoning. I learned the true meaning of boredom. Valentines day is on its way and cCupid is loadin' up his 50. cal sniper rifle with extra power arrows and I'm happily back in my home territory again. 1 more thing, I'm gonna turn into irritating fanboy mode and say I was one of the lucky guys who saw Zezima months ago...the next day I lost my whip to a keylogger -.-

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A moment...

Most of our accounts had humble origins. Tutorial island, Lumbridge, that steel scimitar we all treasured so much. I'm gonna recount some of my old non-member memoirs. I used to enjoy smithing quite a bit. I'd spend entire afternoons mining and smithing. I was new at the time and didn't know how to train properly. I would simply smith the next best thing available to me. I feared anything higher than level 10. The only reason I smithed was so I could use the armour and weapons. People often called me a pure because I was wearing iron with a rune long, in truth, I was too afraid to wear anything else that I couldn't smith...non-member life was hectic. I knew nothing better than training at goblins. I stayed by goblins until I got my full adamant an moved onto Lesser Demons at level 54, the exp seemed incredible as I would just fish some lobsters and train. I once spent quite a while fishing at the River Lum and then cooking the fish to gain access to the Cooking guild. Little did I know that 40 fishing would come in very handy one day.

That's the end of this piece of history. Oddly enough, Marlaine hasn't been updating her blog lately so she's either on vacation or something went wrong. I pray it's not the second one. I still haven't thanked her for giving me the idea to start blogging. On the bright side, a single teleport to Camelot during the Garden of Tranquility quest gave me 60 Mage. No more Wizard's Mind Bombs when doing Earth Obelisks.

I have added a couple pictures.
1: Weapons of mass Destruction
2: 82 Attack
3: Clan wars. Read the chat box.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Of skills, procrastination and torture...

Ooookay...I had several skill level-ups including 82 Attack, 64 Range, 102 Combat, 30 Summoning, 34 Herblore and 36 Hunter which I intend to get to 40 for my Spotted Cape. Torture: I've set the Pet Control music to loop. That irritating music won't stop until I get 40 hunter. I have also put a spotted cape in my inventory to remind me of my goal and torment me even more. Procrastination: I procrastinated on a school assignment and I'm stuck doing it now.