Monday, January 19, 2009

Of a Minor Setback

I was woodcutting earlier, on a PvP world.

Wearing most of the best stuff I owned, including and not limited to Guthan's Body and Skirt, Abyssal Whip, Dragon Square Shield and a pair of Dragon Boots.

Hilarity ensued.

Long story short, I'll never look at PvP world the same way ever again.

So, my mildly impressive 5.7 million was abruptly cut back to 4 million.

Yet in all this, I learned something. That my last 20 or say days with membership went rather well. I amassed the largest amount of money I had ever seen in my own bank. And most of all, I realize that having a good 2 million or so would be a good thing. With only mild cursing and a few less than savoury gestures, I merely bought back all I had lost.

Either way, I also tapped into a near untapped source of great money.


The ranged experience is phenomenal and the money even more so, with only 2 hours camped out there, I raked in a spectacular 500k in cash. So, I've brought it into consideration as a primary source of money. It's for more dangerous but just as profitable.

And now I'm brought back to wondering: Dragon Platebody and Platelegs or a Saradomin Sword.

I can afford the repairs for my Guthan's but the idea of armour that doesn't need constant management is very tempting. I'll hold out for the Sword right now, the rest comes later.

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