Sunday, January 25, 2009

Of Helios

I just read through my first posts and noticed my first hiscores picture. Here's another one that's more current.

I've looked at the changes over the past year, and I'm suitably impressed. No less than 300 levels in the year, even with a 8 month long hiatus of minimum playtime. Many skill have had their levels doubled over time. You can see Woodcutting taking it's place as a source of income.

Disappointingly, Strength has only ever seen 3 levels in a year. Elegant proof of how much I hate that skill. The most progress stands in non-combat skills. I don't know where or when Runecrafting ever leveled up. Smithing, the skill that started as my favourite which has lost that mantle to Attack, never really made progress. I should take time off to Smith. Prayer would see far more progress if it was cheaper. With approximately 4.3 million coins till 70 Prayer, it's not looking good. Most of my Woodcutting experience over these years has come from Magic Trees and Yew trees, so the money compensates for the few levels.

Even now, I still bow down to the task of money, I had my first Black Mask drop after about hlaf an inventory of monkfish but that could just be the luck.

My only real goals in mind for now are first 90 Attack, then 85 Strength, followed by a one-way trip to 99 Attack. I'm nearing the halfway point. Bandits have unfortunately made themselves a viable choice for experience though the cost of food is phenomenal.

I'm moving towards a Herblore level. And with only 5 songs until the Air Guitar, it's going to be a priority over these next few days. I'll pull off Spirit of Summer tomorrow and then if I could force my Hunter over the 51 mark, I could do Defender of Varrock and finally get the Air Guitar.

Regards, Boombaye1

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