Saturday, January 3, 2009

Of Motivation and Debate

My goal for now which should be reached within 24 hours is 55 Slayer. Not for access to a great method of completing the Barrows minigame but for a Leaf-Bladed Sword to match my skilling outfit.

This alone was enough to force me into pondering over what motivates us to pursue our goals.

Many half, new, quarter and full moons ago, I tried for 55 Slayer so I could handle Barrows, but now, I merely want a sword that looks good.

When I swell on it, I find that I would much rather pursue casual over more functional ones.

I spent the last months of my original Pay-to-Play career using a Dragon Scimitar as my primary weapon due to the simple fact that I wouldn't spend a couple days at the Magic Trees and get a whip, yet I gladly forfeited time to cut some trees for a set of Red Elegant. Mere hours ago, I considered a Saradomin Sword as a good alternative for training Strength but then noticed how well that sword went with that armour...

Hell, even motivation for updating my blog comes not from pride of my latest level ups but for a need to drive you lazy bums into thinking about something.

Earlier, I had a debate with a friend of mine who hated Summoning. her argument was based on the idea that Summoning gives 'fake' level A.K.A a lack of pride from self achievement and that it wastes too much time.

I retorted by saying that the only reason Summoning levels seem fake is because it's a new combat skill and therefore, easy to train. She fought back by saying that fake or not, you could merely be stuck on a skill and ask a familiar for help near instantaneously for help. My rebuttal came in the form of using the Exchange an example. If you're in need of an item, you can merely walk on over, place an order and immediately receive it.

Well, this isn't about how the debate went. This is about how useful Summoning really is. Sure, for higher level players, the easy levels may come too...well, easily, but when you think about it, had Defence been released after Summoning, you'd also have thought about how easy the new Defence levels are coming in.

Bleh. I'm bored and I want to get another level soon.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: 57 Summoning, 47 Farming, 53 Slayer and I might as well add 88 Attack to the list as I'm only 64k away from the level.

Regards, Boombaye1

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