Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of Bucklers

I buckled and lost.

I did capture this poignant scene before going down.

It took every nerve I had not to report the clown and once I realized I didn't report him, I also realized that I had willingly not done the right thing out of fear of retribution once more. Hence, I resigned and will now move on on my own. I will not hunker down to peer pressure once more and will carry on as I please. At many points, in real life and otherwise have I been pulled between what is right and what is socially acceptable. In real life, Right always prevailed and I should care to let Boombaye1 follow this example.

Oh, and to Sam: Use private chat, you got lucky.

Blargh, on the bright side, I hit my first 3.7 million. Somehow, I may have picked up some twisted responsibility and have learned to save my money. So, I may now be able to soldier towards that Saradomin Sword. In a word, I'm also pulled between Saradomin Sword and Dragonfire Shield. The Sword will give me a capacity to finally pull some Strength out but the Dragon Longsword is just as useful for said puporse. A Dragon hatchet is just as tempting.

The censor update isn't something I'm incredibly happy about. Being a teenager myself, I've tossed a few profanities at the twelvth graders on my first day of high school. It's all about context. Yelling out "Suck my ass, noob!" in a conference room is not a very charitable thing to do. There are times and places for cussin'. Runescape is not high on my list of good places to do so.

I find that exposure to swearing may prompt someone to do the same, it's not so much the fact that 9 year-olds don't know the word than they fear punishment for use of the word. Once others catch on, thery realize they may get off clean free with this and carry on to worse things.

After a run-in with Sandwich Lady at the trees, I realized that probably a year ago, I did an experiment which consisted of leaving a baguette in my bank for a month and then examining it afterwards. It's examine info still included the word 'fresh' even after one month made so little sense.

Though leaving my cat in there for 9 months without any attention may be just as baffling.

There is something wrong with this picture. The only hint I'll give you is that I'm the one wearing Guthan's, Whip and Dragon Square.

Stuff I achieved since the last post which I may soon regret: 83 Strength, 80 Defence, 57 Slayer, 73 Ranged, largest amount of money ever seen in my bank account.

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Dg said...

With the first picture. I also hate it when they talk about that kinda stuff, but there's no need to report it. It's not like they are getting into great detail. If you are uncomfortable, just leave the chat, or you could've asked them to move to another chat.

With the uncensored words. They are used in a variety of sentences that are not offensive.

Remember, this is a 13+ game! Kids under that age need their parents permission, and if they don't mind their kids seeing that then fine, but the parents need to deal with the fact that their child is in an enviroment with people older than them.

Would you really be offended if a 9 year old kid said something that used the new uncensored words?

Jagex put them into the game for general conversation. If kids are going to be using them in an offensive way, just report it. Or better yet, add them to your ignore, that's what it's for.