Sunday, March 2, 2008

Basilisk Hunting for Noobs...

Basilisks...a weak lvl 63 that never hits, good drops and an insanely hard name to spell (I had to type the word basilisk out 3 times at the beginning). How do you hunt them ? I'm here to tell you that one...

Minimum Requirements:

40 Slayer
63 Combat
Access to some kind of teleportation
Mirror Shield

Recommended Requirements:

40+ Slayer
63+ Combat
Access to Fairy rings
High defence
Mirror Shield


25 Lobsters
Dramen Staff or Teleport
DDS or special attack weapon of choice. Can be left out to add 1 more space.


Rune armour/Barrows
Amulet of Glory/Fury
Whip/DDS or other weapon combo
Anything else is interchangeable

The method:

Head to Zanaris, get your weapons of choice (DDS and Whip combo are my faves) don't forget your Dramen staff and Mirror Shield. Go to the Fairy ring, hit the AJR combo and you'll end up at the entrance of the Dungeon. Go in and follow the path inwards until you get into the bassie room. Start with a DDS spec and switch to whip. Repeat until your head explodes or you run outta food.

This is based on luck and you can't guarantee on any huge profit every trip.

Good Drops:

Clue Scroll Lvl 2 ?
White Mystic Hat(Gold or White ?)
Rune Dagger
15 Nature Runes at a time
Ranarr Weeds and other herbs
Basilisk head
Half Keys
Green Charms



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