Monday, March 10, 2008

Jagex's lack of brain. Preapare for a rant.

On Sunday afternoon at 2:17 pm, I put my Whip on the Exchange to see if anyone would buy for max price. I accidentally clicked the min price button and hit confirm before my brain could respond. Fortunately, someone bought it for 1.4 million and with that money, I bought a cannon, set my range up to 68, and then used the remaining money to train Herblore up to 44 (I used a Greenmans ale to get to 45). I finished all of this an bought all the supplies needed for the Legends quest by 3:45 pm

At 21:09, I finished one of the hardest quests in the game. It wasn't actually to hard, I celebrated with a couple games of Castle Wars and went to bed. I decided today after coming home from school to kill Shadow Warriors for a Left Half but also managed to sell my cannon and could afford a D Sq on the exchange so I but an offer for max and lo and behold ! The bar goes from orange to green in an instant and I have a shiny new D Sq

18:32 I hopped worlds and met oxo for the first time as he said hi. I attempted to send him a 'hello' but when I hit Enter, it didn't show up. I thought I lagged and looked around, everything was running fine and then I looked in my chatbox, "You have been muted due to breaking a rule" stared back. I was shocked to say the least.

I went to the 'Appeal an offence/ban' button faster than a Revenant teleblocks, I saw that it was breaking Rule 9...again. Encouraging others to break rules. I hadn't announced in public that we should spam a mod so that couldn't be right.

Apparently, while showing off my new D Sq in a free world, someone said they got hacked and lost stuff on their main and the hacker begun breaking rules and got the account muted. I told him that I had also once lost a large amount to a keylogger.

Thats where things went South. He asked if it was a false gold order in which I lost real money.

Me: No
Me: Visited a particular site
Me: They had a virus on the site
Me: Just clicking that thing gave it to me
Him: Kk
Me: No! (I was telling a determined beggar to go away*

Jagex calls that encouraging others to break rules ?! I was informing him of a certain incident. I wasn't actually telling him to visit a site.

Now comes the real issue, would it be encouraging others to break the law if I told an average American citizen that terrorists were responsible for the 9/11 attacks, would that be encouraging him to become a terrorist ? No ! I would be informing of an incident and the culprit. What if I told a Middle Eastern Terrorist/Insurgent that an American Fighter-bomber was the blame for the smoldering crater that used to be his house ? No ! I would be informing him of an incident, not telling him to blow that plane outta the sky or become a pilot.

Now, for my appeal:

"I was explaining to that person about an incident where my account was stolen
. I ran into a site and got hit by a keylogger. If anything, he should be det(get)
erred from any gold selling sites due to the chance of picking up a keylogger
. This is the mistake I believe Customer Support has made and I hope to have
this mute removed.

Regards, Boombaye1"

Their reply:

"Thank you for your appeal.

We are sorry to inform you that this appeal has been denied.

We have conclusive evidence that you were in control of the account at the time of the offence and, for this reason, this offence will remain on your account.

We suggest you take some time to remind yourself of the Rules of Conduct before you start playing again!

Jagex Customer Support"

They used a bot to reply to my message and said sorry. Of course I was in control of that account ! You really think I would willingly let someone else get on ? And 'being in control of this account' is no excuse. Now comes the point of the bot being used to send a reply. Can't those guys type a half decent, seemingly non-robotic reply ?

It seems wrong that Jagex can't see that I could help that person by telling him about the dangers of visiting gold selling sites but all they saw was the part where I said I visited one. These guys don't understand what I meant and then begun using French Revolution style punishments by beheading the peasant for not being able to pay taxes.

I have posted this extremely long and somewhat boring article as a complaint and rant. If you have read this far without skipping any lines, I applaud you. However, I won't use this as an appeal or anything. I want the reader's opinion on what happened to me. Post a comment (please) or just put something in the chatbox.

Regards, Boombaye1


oxox0xoxo said...

wow, you are right.... that was a long and boring thing,post. but i did manage to read it all before i fell over :D that makes no sence but i do enjoy making those simlie faces. i was hit by a keylogger too, once. got my 98 combt anad took everything. i just tried to forget about it and started a new acount... it worked :) i also agree with you about the Jagex useing a bot thing. on another one of my accounts i had a friend of mine hack it but he did not go to my school. i still no his phone number a stuff and call him evry now and then and when he anwsers i yell in the mouth piece and then hang up :) i have told Jagex about this and they did nothing, just saying"junk, cant remeber exactly" but it is still a desent acount, i look it p every now and then to see hat this noob has done to it.
Thanks For Reading

Boombaye1 said...

Lol...smiley. But mebbe that noob might do something half decent to it lol...

Kitt said...

It's a shame. I hear more and more about people being muted/perm muted for (imo) a flimsy excuse.

I'm sorry about the mute. Look on the bright side, you can ignore people without feeling guilty! :P

Boombaye1 said...

Lol...kitt, you have a real way of turning things around. The mute has been lifted but I still wanna strangle the guy who abolished proper replies.