Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Test runs and the big 'un.

I did a test run in the Caves to see what I would be up against... I bought 3 P Pots (4) and 10 Wild Pies. I got to the first Ket-Zek and only used 2 pots. I messed up a couple times at the Zeks and only killed 2 but all in all, it went well. I'm gonna do the real version either by tomorrow or on the weekend...

My Inventory:

4 Ranging Potions
16 Prayer Potions
Dragon Scimitar
1 Manta Ray
1 Shark
3 Wild pies
2 Summer pies


2600 Kebbit bolts (known to hit harder than Mithril arrows)
Hunter crossbow (As fast as a Magic Shortbow but -15 range bonus)
Red D'hide body
Guthan's legs
Ring of Recoil
Amulet of glory
Archer Helm
Dragon Square Shield (range defence)
Dragon Boots
Barrows gloves

Five me any tips or set-ups now, I'm turning off private Chat during the battle...

Regards, Boombaye1

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